Maintaining Your Aid


Scholarship renewal requirements are communicated when the scholarship is awarded. Please refer to your original scholarship offer letter for complete details.

Grants, Loans, and Federal Work-Study

Grants, loans, and Federal Work-Study programs are not automatically renewed each year. Complete the following steps each year to maintain eligibility:

  • Complete FAFSA annually. Please remember UA's priority FAFSA deadline of March 1 to maximize need-based aid eligibility.
  • Complete verification, if selected.
  • Maintain Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress. We will check your academic progress at the end of each semester. Students who are not meeting one or more standard of satisfactory academic progress will be notified via email. The email, sent to your UA email address, will let you know which standard(s) you are not meeting and what actions you may take in order to regain your eligibility for financial aid.

What happens if I...

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