Life Insurance Elections

Accidental Death & Dismemberment and Life Insurance
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The University of Akron provides you with 1 1/2 or two times your annual benefit salary in life insurance with a maximum provided amount of $100,000. This amount is shown on on eBenefits or your Personal Enrollment Form as University Provided Life Insurance. You may elect University Provided Life or elect one of nine other options are shown below:

5 x annual benefits salary 1½ x annual benefits salary
4 x annual benefits salary 1 x annual benefits salary
3 x annual benefits salary $50,000
2 x annual benefits salary $10,000
No coverage (see note below)

2015 Benefits Information

This page describes part of the University's 2010 benefits program.

See information about the 2015 program.

Evidence of insurability is required for employee coverage amounts in excess of $500,000. An employee may elect any option of life insurance during his or her initial enrollment period. During subsequent enrollment periods, employees are permitted to move up only one option step in dollar amount of insurance coverage. Employees who elect less life insurance coverage than that corresponding to the University-provided amount may use the credits for other benefit coverages or receive them as taxable compensation. Coverage amounts in excess of those corresponding to University-provided credit allowances are provided through employee contributions based on the age rated cost table.

The maximum amount of life insurance coverage available for any employee is $1,000,000.

If you wish to change your beneficiary, use this form.

Note: Employees who take no coverage during their initial enrollment period will be allowed to re-enter the life insurance benefit only during subsequent open-enrollment periods and at the lowest option offered.


While an option to elect Accidental Death and Dismemberment is not shown on your Personal Enrollment Form, an amount equal to employee life insurance election but subject to limits of two times salary and $100,000 maximum will be provided at no cost to the employee.


Dependent life insurance is available for an eligible employee's spouse or dependent children. Children between the ages of 14 days and 19 years, and unmarried, dependent full-time students up to age 25 are eligible dependents.

An employee must participate in some level of employee life insurance to select the dependent life insurance option. The amount of dependent life insurance chosen for a spouse cannot exceed 50% of the employee's amount of life insurance. If an employee's spouse or eligible dependent dies while covered under dependent life insurance, the employee is the beneficiary for the coverage amount.

Active AAUP employees who wish to enroll their domestic partner for dependent life insurance must complete and notarize this affidavit.

Three coverage options are available:

Option Coverage level - spouse/children
1 $10,000/$5,000
2 $5,000/$2,500
3 No coverage

Life Insurance Plan Value-Added Services

As enhancements to the life insurance plan, the University has included additional value-added services free of charge to employees who participate in the plan. These services include the ability to create a simple will free of charge and a travel assistance program.