Employees seeking reemployment after retirement should read and be familiar with the following procedures:

General guidelines:

Please refer to Rule 3359-11-15 for complete information.

  • This program is restricted to full-time University of Akron employees who are eligible to retire from an Ohio pension system.
  • Individuals may be employed full- or part-time in a same or similar position without the necessity of a formal search process under the University's affirmative action plan.
  • All agreements must be in writing and are subject to prior approval by Board of Trustees.
  • No less than 60 days prior to reemployment, the Board will give public notice that the employee is or will be retired and is seeking employment with the University.
  • No faculty or staff member who retired under an ERIP program is eligible to participate.
  • The University of Akron’s group health plan will terminate on the day you retire.  Coverage will resume the first of the month following reemployment date.  
  • For faculty:
  • o Tenure or expectancy to obtain tenure terminates upon retirement
  • o The faculty member is entitled to retain appropriate academic rank achieved upon retirement



The faculty or staff member must notify their supervisor in writing of the following:

  • Intent to retire
  • Request for re-employment under rule 3359-11-15
  • Indicate whether they are requesting full- or part-time reemployment and the nature of the work
  • Indicate whether they are requesting to work the first two months after retirement (forfeiting retirement system payment)
  • Retirement and reemployment dates will be dependent upon University Board of Trustees meeting schedule
  • The faculty or staff member must notify the University in writing at such time they do not intend to continue employment with the University
  • The written request should be submitted through the outlined approval process.


Approval Process:

  • The department chair/head should forward a written notification to the appropriate Vice President/Dean that they approve the employee's request (attach copy)
  • The Vice President/Dean should submit the written notification to the Senior Vice President & Provost for approval and review with the President.
  • Upon receipt of the approval, Human Resources will prepare the public notice filing for presentation to the Board of Trustees
  • Human Resources will prepare the reemployment agreement and Personnel Action Form for review by the Office of General Counsel.
  • The official reemployment action is submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval.

Post Approval:

Once your reemployment has been approved by the Board of Trustees and before you return for reemployment contact Benefits Administration at x7090 to set up a retirement exit interview.