Sick Leave Usage & Payoff Calculations for PT Faculty & PT Contract Professional Staff:

The following process provides direction for the administration of

University Rule 3359-11-01:

I. Process Overview - explains the basic procedures for determining part-time faculty and contract professional sick leave usage and payoff calculations

II. Formulas - details the formulas needed to determine part-time faculty and contract professional sick leave usage and payoff calculations

III. Flow Chart to assist departments with determining sick leave usage for a part-time faculty member on extended leave

IV. Sample situations and PAFs


Part-time faculty and contract professionals accrue sick leave at a rate of 5 clock hours per month worked. This is a partial accrual compared to 10 hours a month for full-time faculty and contract professionals.

Because part-time faculty are paid by the credit hour (load hour), a conversion to clock hours is necessary to determine proper usage. The formula, which converts load hours to clock hours, is for determining sick leave usage and payment ONLY. It allows consistent treatment to all part-time faculty members across campus where sick leave usage and payment is involved.

This procedure also explains how to treat part-time contract professionals who do not have a "standard number of hours per week" that they work; such work assignments are called "intermittent".

1) PT faculty and contract professional sick leave is charged hour for hour when NOT on an extended leave.

(Ex: a part-time faculty member teaches a three credit hour class that meets for one hour a night, 3 nights a week ( M,W,F) and misses Monday night sick; the faculty member is charged sick leave for the number of hours departmental policy would have required their presence that evening)

2) Part-time teaching faculty on an extended leave (>5 days): hours are charged as a percent of full-time which is 3.33 clock hours of sick leave charged for every hour in the classroom (assuming 1 load hour = 1 hour a week in the classroom) (load hour per semester / 12 (FT load) = % of FT; % of FT x 40 = clock hours per week). This takes into consideration that, if on extended leave, instructional support duties for grading and class prep that would normally be done each week are not being done. It also prorates a PT load based on a FT load. As a fulltime faculty member can not be paid sick leave for more than 12 load hours or 40 hours per week, at no time will PT faculty sick leave usage or payoff exceed the equivalent to 12 load hours (Ex: if employee is scheduled to work 13 load hours that semester, the maximum paid would be 12).

3) Part-time contract professionals on an extended leave (>5 days): if "standard hours per week are known", any calculation for sick leave usage and payment is based on the standard hours per week. If "standard hours per week" are NOT known, a 50% (or 20 hours per week) usage rate is assumed.

4) When multiple jobs exist that are a combination of teaching load and non-teaching intermittent assignments, cost of a sick leave hour should be based on teaching load job. For a retirement payoff, the teaching job only, is used to determine payoff. Usage should be charged for each job, the combination of which should not exceed 8 hours in a day.

5) Before processing any Personnel Action Forms, the proper sick leave documentation must be verified by HRBenefits. In the case of retirement payoff, the employee must meet the same eligibility criteria as a full-time employee for such payment.

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