HR Policies

Flexible Work Arrangements Policy

Employee COVID-19 vaccination policy

Appointment status policy 

Criminal background checks

Nursing Mothers in the Workplace

Veterans Day holiday

Voluntary reduction in work schedule

Holiday schedule: 2021-22 2020-21

University rules relating to Human Resources

3359-11-01 Sick Leave for School of Law Faculty, Contract Professionals, Classified and Unclassified Exempt Staff
3359-11-02 Professional Leave of Absence and Vacations for Employees Other Than Bargaining Unit Faculty
3359-11-03 Vacation Policy for Full-time 12-month Faculty, Other Than Bargaining-unit Faculty, Contract Professionals, and Unclassified Exempt Staff
3359-11-13 Anti-Discrimination and Harassment
3359-11-17 Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, Scholarly Misconduct, and Ethical Conduct Policies and Procedures
3359-22-01 Contract Professional Information
3359-26-02 General Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures
3359-26-04 Absence from Campus