HR policies

Appointment Status Policy 

Criminal Background Checks

HR Workplace Violence Policy and Procedures

Nursing Mothers in the Workplace

Reemployment Procedures for Retirees

Veteran's Day Holiday

Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule

Holiday Schedule: 2017-18 | 2016-17 | 2015-16

University rules relating to Human Resources

3359-11-01 Sick Leave for School of Law Faculty, Contract Professionals, Classified and Unclassified Exempt Staff
3359-11-02 Professional Leave of Absence and Vacations for Employees Other Than Bargaining Unit Faculty
3359-11-03 Vacation Policy for Full-time 12-month Faculty, Other Than Bargaining-unit Faculty, Contract Professionals, and Unclassified Exempt Staff
3359-11-13 Sexual Harassment Policy
3359-11-17 Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, Scholarly Misconduct, and Ethical Conduct Policies and Procedures
3359-22-01 Contract Professional Information
3359-26-02 General Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures
3359-26-04 Absence from Campus

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