Students studying in the School of Law at The University of Akron


Degree Seeking

A law student who has completed not more nor less than one year at an ABA-accredited law school and is in good academic standing may apply to be admitted as a transfer student.

LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law
Our distinguished intellectual property program provides students with non-science and science backgrounds with training from renowned experts, close contact with IP lawyers and leaders in industry, and pathways to success. The LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law is an advanced, post-J.D. degree that allows individuals to pursue additional specialized study in the area of intellectual property law. The LL.M. may be pursued as a stand-alone degree after completion of the J.D. program or concurrently with the J.D. program.

NonDegree seeking

A law student who is currently enrolled at another ABA-accredited law school may apply for transient status for one or more semesters.

Graduate students (law classes for graduate credit)
Students pursuing graduate degrees may take law courses for graduate credit, provided the proper permission is given by the student's dean or department head.

Honors to Law
As a Williams Honors College student with an interest in law school, you're eligible to apply to the Honors to Law program. Designed to enhance your undergraduate experience, the program provides you with insight into law school and exposure to what it’s like to be a law student while you're still an undergraduate. Students in all majors are eligible to apply to join the Honors to Law Program. Please note that acceptance into the Honors to Law program does not guarantee admission into Akron Law.

Audit - Attorneys
Attorneys wishing to obtain CLE credit may do so by auditing classes at The University of Akron School of Law. Attorneys must be licensed to practice law within the United States and hold a J.D. from an ABA–accredited law school.

Audit - General Public
Akron Law is a Legal Education Center. As such, opportunities to enrich the classroom and a diverse student body with accomplished individuals who can provide great insight and gain much from this educational experience can be of great benefit to the community..  Individuals who have received at least a Bachelor's degree may apply to enroll in 9200 School of Law course(s) as an "Audit/Guest" with approval of the admissions committee and the law faculty member who teaches the course(s) in which the prospective audit/guest student wishes to enroll.