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Mail Services


Campus mail and packages will be delivered to departments and units only once per week, on Monday. Contact Mike Szczukowski at or 330-972-2542 with questions.  (3/20/20)

Mail Services handles all internal and external mail delivery and processing. Additionally, we offer Delivery Services to the campus community. Delivery Services provides centralized delivery of most incoming UPS, FedEx, and DHL packages; expedited mail (i.e Express, Overnight Delivery); large shipments; Xerox paper; etc. Delivery Services delivers most items received through Central Stores.

We work with Printing Services to generate barcoded address labels; or we can apply a barcoded address directly on the mail piece. (Barcodes are CASS certified. A requirement for postage discounts offered by the USPS.) More information about this service, as well as rate information for mail preparation services is available by calling the Mail Center.

Campus Mail

Learn about sending or receiving mail on campus.

  • Information about proper use of Campus Mail Envelopes
  • Information about changing your campus location

Bulk Mail

General information about bulk mailings.

  • Non-Profit bulk mail guidelines

Additional Information

More information about:

  • Addressing Mail
  • Mail Security
  • Personal Mail
  • Advisory about using proper format for sending mail to the University