Mail Security

The University of Akron Campus Mail Services makes every effort to ensure your mail is securely delivered to and from your campus location. Therefore, only Campus Mail Services personnel are allowed inside the mail facility and around mail processing equipment unless otherwise accompanied by Campus Mail personnel. This is to ensure that your mail remains safe and free of tampering. Any University faculty or staff member wishing to pick-up mail for their department should call Campus Mail Services in advance to notify Campus Mail personnel that they will be picking up mail. Faculty and staff will be required to present a valid University I.D. before any mail can be picked up from Campus Mail Services.

Mail Services Advisory

Incoming mail with improper street addresses could be returned to the sender

U.S. mail that is addressed to the University's 44325 ZIP code could be returned to the sender if it contains a street address other than 302 Buchtel Common.

This issue, which is affecting organizations nationwide, is the result of the U.S. Postal Service's (USPS) increasing use of automation. Sorting machines are programmed to expect only one street address (302 Buchtel Common) with the University's 44325 ZIP code. When a different address appears, the machines interpret the address as invalid and reject it.

What can you do? Advise senders to stop using a street address on any mail to the University's primary ZIP code, which is 44325. Senders should use only the recipient's name or department name, the city, state, ZIP code and the proper ZIP+4 number, if known. It is helpful, but not necessary, to include "The University of Akron" in the address.

Here are some examples:

Advice for mailing

Personal Mail

All incoming and outgoing mail processed by Campus Mail Services must be University business related. Campus Mail Services may audit all campus mailings for content by visually inspecting a random sample from mailings to ensure compliance with relevant statutes and policies. Campus Mail Services may not process internal campus mailings intended to be used for commercial, personal, or private gain or for commercial advertising for organizations or individuals not affiliated with the University.


As a courtesy to University faculty and staff, Campus Mail Services will pick-up any stamped personal mail from departments along with other mail that is picked up at a regular pick-up location. Personal Mail must be sealed and have the correct postage affixed. All stamped mail should be kept separate from all other mail. Neither The University of Akron nor campus Mail Services can assume any responsibility for the ultimate timeleness or delivery of your outgoing stamped personal mail.

Personal mail cannot be billed to a departmental account; no exceptions. Mail that appears to be personal will be held in Mail Services and the appropriate department head will be notified for clarification.


The University requires all faculty, staff, and non-residence hall students to receive their personal mail at their home, off-campus housing, or other permanent address. Occasional correspondence from friends and colleagues at other institutions is not considered personal mail. The University of Akron should not be given as your permanent address. When your personal mail is addressed to a department, you will be requested to notify your correspondents of your permanent personal mailing address.

Note for Residence Hall Students:

Please see your Residence Hall staff for their specific policies regarding final delivery of mail and packages within that unit. All your incoming UPS, FedEx, and other similar items entering campus through Central Stores Receiving or campus Mail Services are delivered to, and signed for, at the front desk of the RLH office in Ritchie Hall.

Addressing mail

United States Postal Service (USPS)

[First Name] [Last Name]
The University of Akron
Department Name
Akron, OH 44325 Zip +4 Cod

Intra-Campus Mail
To a student with a department Zip + 4

[First Name] [Last Name]
Department Zip + 4

Intra-Campus Mail
(To faculty or staff member

[First Name] [Last Name]
Department Name
Zip + 4

All Other Vendors
FedEx, Airborne, RPS, etc.

[First Name] [Last Name]
The University of Akron
Department Name
Office Room Number
Building Name
Akron, OH 44325 Zip +4 Code

For delivery purposes we ask that you only use the format as presented above for UPS, FED EX, RPS.

Note: Please do not use your PO Box number or Building number for UPS, Fed EX, RPS, as it may delay delivery of your package.

Specific format

All mail needs a delivery address and should also have a return address. The following information is recommended in the sequence and position indicated for addressing:

Domestic addresses:


Foreign addresses:


You will get the best possible service if you:

  • Capitalize everything in the address
  • Use common abbreviations
  • Eliminate all punctuation
  • Use two-letter state abbreviations
  • Use Zip + 4 Codes