Bulk Mailing Information

Important Information for Non-automated, Non-barcoded, Non-Profit, and Regular Standard "A" (3rd class) Bulk Mail

Working with Printing Services, Mail Services offers an automated program for addressing and sorting mailpieces as a convenience to University departments. If you would like to take advantage of the automated mail processing, please contact Michael Wieland at 330-972-8554.

Mail Services offers an automated program for addressing and sorting mailpieces as a convenience to university departments. Those departments who do not participate in the Standard A Automated (Barcoded) Bulk Mail Program may continue to prepare their bulk mailings as before. Also, if your mail piece does not meet the mail piece design requirements for automation, you must prepare your mailing as a non-automated, non-barcoded Standard A bulk mailing. If you are unsure, please call 593-1851 to arrange for a consultation.

The mailpieces still must be manually sorted according to postal regulations. Your department can prepare the mailing or you may choose to have Mail Services prepare the mailing. For those who wish to prepare their own mailing, Mail Services can provide you with detailed instructions for all necessary procedures, including manually sorting the mailing into 5-digit, 3-digit and Area Distribution Center Zip code bundles.

** Please note that if you choose to manually prepare your mailing, you will pay higher postage rates, the preparation time will be much greater, and the mail will move more slowly within the U.S. postal system.

One important change in preparation of a mailing that is non-automated, non-barcoded Standard A (originally known as 3rd class) Bulk Mailing:

All Standard A Bulk mailings that are not automated (barcoded by Mail Services) must have the 5-digit zip codes in each address verified and corrected within 12 months prior to the date of mailing by an USPS-approved method. The methods include one of the following: Using CASS-certified address matching software, or current Address Information System (AIS) products to qualify those lists maintained in a database or manual verification using a Postal Service Zip Code directory or an electronic lookup service.

Non-Profit Bulk Mail Guidelines

General Information:
To save time and labor, contact Mail Services (x7585) for the most current mailing permit specifications so that your mailing will be correct. Any mailing that is not in an envelope must have the proper imprint on the mail piece. If the mailing does not have the correct imprint on the mail piece, it will be the department's responsibility to have the mailing hand-stamped with the imprint needed.

Authorized Use Information:
The Non-Profit permit it to be used by The University of Akron only.

Mailing Specifications:
A minimum of 200 pieces or 50 pounds total is required to qualify for this permit rate. All pieces must be uniform in size and weigh less than 16 ounces and be at least .007" thick. Mail pieces over 4 1/4" by 6" in size, must be at least .009" thick. Mail pieces must be presented to the Bulk Mail Facility in Zip Code order.

All Non-Profit (Bulk Mail) must meet the following guidelines. In additional if Bulk Mail Facilities will be printing the addresses directly on the mail piece, then the SmartMail addressing guidelines must also be followed.

Non-Profit (Bulk Mail) Guidelines
1.   Minimum piece count for bulk mailing is 200.
2.   All mail pieces must be the same size, weight and content.
3.   Address must be in zip code order (1st to 5th digit of zip code.)
4.   Only domestic mail may be sent at Non-profit/Bulk rate.
5.   Regular business envelopes (number 10) that need to be sealed must have the flaps up.
6.   Invitation type envelopes and large envelopes must be sealed by the department.
7.   Return address must have "The University of Akron" spelled out completely.
8.   Place your department agency/org. number under the return address.
9.   If your mail piece is not in an envelope, use one of the imprints listed below in the stamp area.
10.   Processing time can take from 2 to 5 business days. Large jobs may take longer.

*Mail is processed on a first in, first out basis. Be sure to add in the time needed to process your mailing at Bulk Mail Facilities into your time schedule.

Bulk Mailing NOTE:  Any internal department that utilizes an outside mail service will be charged a $25.00 administrative charge for administrative work to complete the process.