Our mission

  1. To provide a rigorous performance and academic education for students who qualify for professional careers in music.
  2. To provide musical and educational leadership in meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing musical environment while ensuring sound training in traditional areas of study.
  3. To serve the University community through course and workshop offerings, and performances by students and faculty.
  4. To serve as a cultural resource in northeastern Ohio by providing concerts, workshops, and conferences, and by sharing faculty and students' expertise with the community.

THESE BROADLY STATED GOALS can be realized through the following set of more specific goals, which apply to both undergraduate and graduate programs alike:

  1. To offer the full spectrum of traditional degree programs in music and to develop additional programs that reflect the changing and expanding role of music in our society.
  2. To attract and retain the highest quality students possible.
  3. To provide the highest quality teaching and performing experiences in a variety of settings, for all students regardless of race, creed, sex, age, national origin, or handicap condition, and to provide maximum opportunities for students to interact with and learn from practicing professionals in the field.
  4. To attract and retain the highest quality faculty possible, who are both effective and dedicated teachers and practicing professionals capable of providing a level of training equal to or exceeding that of the best state university music schools nationwide.
  5. To develop complete musicians, capable of communicating the essence of their art through performance, teaching, written word and verbal discourse, who are able to assume upon graduation leadership roles in the musical community, regionally, statewide, and nationally, and who are able to pursue advanced studies at other institutions.
  6. To provide ongoing educational opportunities (both degree and non- degree) for non-traditional students, senior citizens, those seeking career changes or those seeking self-enrichment.
  7. To provide a forum and conduit for creative thought and scholarly inquiry through the encouragement and support of faculty composition, performance, research, and publication.