Ohio Ethics Commission Presentation 10-6-2014

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Ethics for University of Akron employees

The University of Akron follows the Ohio Ethics Laws passed by the State Legislature, which are contained in the Ohio Revised Code Chapters 102 and 2921. These laws are available online at the Ohio Ethics Commission website.

To provide greater insight into the practical application of the Ohio Ethics Laws, the Ohio Ethics Commission issues Advisory Opinions interpreting the Ohio Ethics laws. Advisory Opinions from 1974 to the present are available online at the Ohio Ethics Commission and are fully searchable by keyword.  The Commission has also issued specific opinions that may be of assistance on frequent flyer miles, golf outings, and gifts and meals provided to college employees.

Ohio Ethics Law E-Courses and other resources may be accessed at their website.  

Conflicts of Interests

The University's Board of Trustees has passed rules that address conflicts of interests at the University. 

  • University Rule 3359-11-17 Conflicts of Interest, Conflicts of Commitment, Scholarly Misconduct and Ethical Conduct - policies and procedures;
  • University Rule 3359-11-17.1 Conflict Management Requiring President's Review;
  • University Rule 3359-11-17.2 Spousal Hire Policy;
  • University Rule 3359-11-18 Conduct and Ethics Policy Employee Financial Interests in Companies Licensed under University Intellectual Property.  

University Rule 3359-11-17 provides for an annual form to be completed by University employees regarding outside activities and conflicts.  The rule also addresses areas such as, inventions and patent rights, conflicts involving University contracts, prohibitions, conflict policies regarding research projects, nepotism, whistleblowing, investigation of conflicts, and policies and procedures governing scholarly misconduct. Please review the Rule for all of the areas that the Rule covers.

For additional information on Conflicts and the annual Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Disclosure forms, please see the Office of Research Services and Sponsored Programs' website.