General Information


This web site provides links to all university rules as well as information about the issuance, review and publication of university rules.


All university rules fall within a greater hierarchy of laws, statutes and regulations. The University of Akron Board of Trustees has been authorized by the Ohio Legislature to govern The University of Akron. See Ohio Revised Code 3359.01. The Board of Trustees has delegated the authority to manage the University to the President. Rule 3359-01-05.

The University of Akron's rules fall within the following framework and are subject to compliance with laws and regulations instituted by higher levels of authority:

  1. 1. Federal laws and regulations
  2. 2. State laws and regulations
  3. 3. University rules
  4. 4. University procedures


  • Rule:

A statement of management philosophy and a general statement of a rule, established to provide direction and assistance to the university community in the conduct of its affairs. All university rules are state regulations.

  • Procedure:

A statement that prescribes specific actions to be taken to conform to established rules allowing for the orderly implementation of those rules.


University rules and procedures are applicable to all members of the university unless the specific rule states otherwise.

This web site contains links only to those rules and procedures that are generally applicable to more than one office or department of the university. Most procedures pertaining only to the internal procedures of a given department or office are not within the scope of this web site and are available elsewhere.


This web site is the official repository of university rules. Each rule will include the following information:

  • Rule number
  • Rule name
  • Effective date of the current revision
  • Such other information on the attached template as may be appropriate for the policy
  • With a few exceptions, rules are generally placed with other rules relating to similar subjects within the following framework:

3359-01 Bylaws and Regulations of the Board of Trustees

3359-02 Regulations Governing Academic Administration

3359-03 Fiscal Management

3359-04 Regulations Governing Officers of Public Affairs

3359-05 Regulations of the Offices of the Vice President and Chief Information Officer

3359-06 Regulations of the Office of the Vice President for Capital Planning and Facilities Management

3359-07 Regulations of the Office of General Counsel

3359-08 Student Affairs Officers

3359-09 Regulations regarding Classified and Unclassified Civil Service; Appointments and Tenure

3359-10 Faculty Senate

3359-11 General Policies - Leave for Professionals; Part-time Employment After Retirement; Student Records

3359-20 Faculty Manual

3359-21 Early Retirement Incentive Plan

3359-22 Contract Professional

3359-23 Part-Time Faculty Grievance Procedure 

3359-24 Graduate Faculty Bylaws; Graduate Student Grievances

3359-25 Classification of Employee Positions

3359-26 Staff Personnel Policies

3359-31 Travel Expense Policies and Procedures

3359-38 Affirmative Action Program

3359-40 Campus Conduct

3359-41 Student Disciplinary Procedure

3359-42 Student Rights and Responsibilities

3359-43 Associated Student Government

3359-44 Assembly Procedures

3359-45 Trespass Regulations

3359-46 Traffic and Parking Regulations

3359-47 University Policy Statements

3359-48 Department of Athletics

3359-60 Admission and Degree Requirements

3359-61 Indemnification and Defense, Expenses; Non-Exclusive Rights; Insurance Purchase  

If a rule would be appropriately placed within more than one section of the rules, the Office of General Counsel will make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees on the appropriate placement of the policy.


The Office of General Counsel will maintain the master list of rules on this web site. An approved copy of each rule will be kept on file. Users may print copies directly from this web site.

Departments that wish to suggest a change to their rule should observe the following procedures:

  • Review the rule(s) to determine what changes are necessary
  • Review other surrounding rules to determine if a change in the rule at issue will make it necessary to revise any other rules
  • Put all rule changes in rules filing format (See LSC Rule Drafting Manual)
  • Submit rule to Office of General Counsel for legal review