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Master of Applied Politics

The Master of Applied Politics, in cooperation with the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, is one of the few programs in the United States focusing on practical politics.  It is designed for students interested in efforts to influence political elections and decisions. This includes activities to capture elective public office in partisan contests, influencing legislation, and political organizations.



Core Courses: (18 credits)

570 Campaign ManagementI
571 Campaign Management II
600 Scope and Theory of Political Science
601 Research Methods in Political Science
672 Seminar Political Influence and Organizations
695 Internship in Government and Politics

Elective Courses: (6 credits)#

540 Survey Research Methods
572 Campaign Finance
574 Political Behavior & Electoral Politics
577 Lobbying
655 Campaign and Election Law
7600: 575 Political Communication

Five Courses from Approved Elective List: (15 credits)#

502 Politics and the Media
573 Voter Contact and Elections
575 American Interest Groups
576 American Political Parties
603 Scholarly Writing in Political Science
630 Seminar Comparative Politics
630 Seminar National Politics
668 Seminar Public Policy Agendas and Decisions
690 Special Topics (Applied Focus)
697 Independent Research (Applied Focus)
3980:614 Ethics and Public Service
7600:655 Theories of Argument and Persuasion

Capstone Portfolio

  • Capstone Project (5 chapters)
  • Final Paper from Seminar Political Influence and Organizations
  • Final Paper from Internship in Government and Politics
  • Final Paper from an additional Applied Politics course chosen by the student
  • Oral defense in front of Faculty Advisory Committee

*Students should consult the Graduate Bulletin and their advisor to ensure they are following the program requirements for the catalog year in which they were admitted.  The above requirements reflect the current program, effective Fall 2011.

#A minimum of 6 credits from the total 21 elective credits must be at the 600-level.