How the Program Addresses the Needs of Ohio

The Counseling Psychology Program is committed to meeting the occupational and societal needs of the state of Ohio.  The majority of our graduates are long-time residents of Ohio.  Also, most of our graduates remain in Ohio after graduation.  These graduates all achieve full-time employment as psychologists.  Thus, they contribute both to the economy of the state and to the well-being of other Ohio residents through their employment.

During the two to three years of supervised practicum experience completed by students in the CPP, the needs of Ohio residents also are served.  Much of students' practicum work is carried out at university-based and community mental health clinics where Ohio residents receive high-quality personal, social, and vocational counseling services for either no fee or on a sliding-scale basis.  Further, in their internship placements at counseling centers, community mental health centers, and hospitals (e.g., Cleveland VA), students provide high-quality, supervised mental health services to Ohio residents for a fraction of the cost that would be required were these agencies to hire fully licensed professionals.

While working toward their degree, many students also function as part-time psychology assistants for local private practitioners, part-time faculty for area undergraduate institutions, and volunteers for shelters and other social service agencies.  Again, these activities serve the needs of Ohio residents in a cost-effective manner and contribute to the economy of the state.

Finally, faculty of the CPP are engaged in research, practice, and grant-related activities that contribute to the economy and well-being of state residents.