Career Resources

Questions to consider when thinking about graduate school in psychology for after getting a bachelor’s
degree in the field:

For more information about specialty fields in psychology – including clinical or counseling, industrial-
organizational, developmental, neuro-, or other fields – check out this great resource from the American
Psychological Association:

The Career Center has many great resources for students and alumni including:

  • Deciding what to do with a bachelor’s degree with a major in psychology
  • Taking the Focus2 test to help define fit of interests and career paths
  • Career fairs to connect with employers and internship opportunities
  • Searching and applying for internships and jobs through Handshake (sign up, then use your UA
  • Mock interviews and resume reviews

The Center for Experiential Learning (EXL Center) is a great resource on campus to facilitate hands-on
learning and real-world applications.

In addition, feel free to reach out to the Psych Advising office to discuss a career plan specific to your
personal interests in psychology.

Graduate Programs at the University of Akron

Exploring graduate school options can begin exploring options at UA. While admission is not guaranteed
to these programs for UA graduates, it can be helpful to use UA programs as examples of types of
programs that are out there.

The Psychology department here at UA offers graduate programs in industrial-organizational
psychology, counseling psychology, and adult development and aging. Check out more about those

For those thinking about pursuing professional options as therapists or mental health counselors,
checkout this information about the master’s degree options at UA for clinical mental health counseling,
marriage and family therapy, or school psychology: A master’s
degree in social work is another option to be licensed to conduct talk therapy. More about the MSW
program at UA:

If you are considering psychiatry, make sure to follow up with the Pre-Professional Health track
department here at UA as an undergraduate: track-at- the-university- of-akron


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