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UA School of Psychology Career Resources

Explorative Resources

Questions to consider when thinking about graduate school in psychology for after getting a bachelor's degree in the field.

► American Psychological Association

The APA provides information about specialty fields in psychology – including clinical or counseling, industrial-organizational, developmental, neuro- or other fields.

► On-campus

  • Career Services located in the Student Union is for students and alumni:
    • Deciding what to do with a bachelor’s degree in psychology
    • Taking the Focus2 test to help connect your interests into a career path
    • Career fairs to connect with employers and internship opportunities
    • Searching and applying for internships and jobs through Handshake 
    • Mock interviews and resume reviews

  • The EX[L] Center located in Bierce Library helps facilitate hands-on learning and real-world applications.

  • The Psychology Advising and Resource Center will discuss a career plan with you specific to your personal interests in psychology.

Graduate Programs at The University of Akron

Begin exploring graduate school by looking at options here at UA. These programs are helpful examples of types of graduate programs available with a psychology undergraduate degree.

► Related professional UA graduate degree options:

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Begin exploring undergraduate research opportunities by looking at the options below. 

Dr. Toni Bisconti (Adult Development and Aging) — 

  • General Research Interest: Ageism, minority stress.
  • Current Projects: Examining the relationship between benevolent ageism and gender on mental health outcomes in older adults; how minority stress (outness and internalized homophobia) in same-sex couples influences sexual and relationship satisfaction;  how to teach about diversity topics at the college level; experiences of discrimination and acculturation in a lifespan sample of Bhutanese refugees.
  • Current Undergraduate Opportunities: Research assistants at every level of our process from idea formation to writing up a poster presentation (e.g., data coding, transcription, data analyses, library research, etc.).

Dr. James Diefendorff (I/O Psychology) — 

  • General Research Interest: Motivation and Emotion at Work.
  • Current Projects: Understanding Motivation and Emotions in Call Center Work (Laboratory Simulation; Field Research at a Call Center Organization).
  • Current Undergraduate Opportunities: Assisting in all phases of the research process.

Alejandra Gonzalez and Nuha Alshabani (Counseling Psychology) — and 

  • Current Project: Defined Lines qualitative research project.
  • Current Undergraduate Opportunities: Compiling and summarizing literature & data entry, time commitment: 1-2 hours a week.
  • Current Number of Openings: 1.

Dr. Margo Grego (Counseling Psychology) — 

  • General Research Interest: Her research program focuses primarily on career development with a particular interest in the ways in which culture and social identities influence interests, choices, leadership, and educational and career outcomes.
  • Current Projects: Career development of STEM women, positive psychology variables that impact career development of community college students, measure development of career constructs.
  • Current Undergraduate Opportunities: All components of research development on specific projects. Contact Dr. Gregor for more details. 

    Daniel Krantz (I/O Psychology) — 

    • General Research Interest: Emotions and how we manage them in the workplace.
    • Current Project: Examining emotions in call centers.
    • Current Undergraduate Opportunities: Must be male, time commitment is variable: 1-3 hours preferably with some availability on Fridays. 

    The Levy Lab (I/O Psychology) 

    • General Research Interest: I/O Psychology.
    • Current Project: Feedback and Performance Management related.
    • Current Undergraduate Opportunities: Data Collection, Data coding, Data cleaning, Experimental Facilitating.
    • Contact Information: Contact Steven Tseng ( or Dr. Paul Levy (

    Max Schauder, M.A. and Dr. Andee Snell (I/O Psychology) — and 

    • Current Undergraduate Opportunities: 
      • Looking for a few good students to work on a research project. We need some dedicated students to help administer a lab study that we hope to run soon.
      • We also will need to create a coding team later in the semester. This work  is more flexible in terms of time commitment provides an opportunity to engage in qualitative research.

    Dr. Jennifer Stanley (Adult Development and Aging) — 

    • General Research Interest: Emotions and Aging.
    • Current Projects: Several ongoing projects in the lab – see webpage for more information
    • Current Undergraduate Opportunities: Several volunteer or IR&R research assistants for 4 or more hours/week available each semester.

    Ryan Thibodeau (I/O Psychology) — 

    • General Research Interest: Feedback.
    • Current Projects: Conducting an experiment on the effects of feedback frequency on feedback reactions and work performance.
    • Current Undergraduate Opportunities: Lab Research Assistants needed.

    Dr. Charles A. Waehler (Counseling Psychology) — 

    • General Research Interest: Psychotherapy process and outcome variables; Applied psychology experiences; Undergraduate student success; Infusing diversity and social justice material into classrooms.
    • Current Projects: Interviewing former FES students to document their learning successes; enhancing the undergraduate learning environment; increasing transparency and opportunity in applied undergraduate learning experiences. 
    • Current Undergraduate Opportunities: If you do an IRR with me, we would be more likely to focus on the “Reading” portion of this academic experience than the “Research” portion, but I am always open to investigating and implementing strategies for undergraduate student success and ways to best infuse diversity and social justice material into classrooms.  I also am looking for students to help expand upon our current opportunities in applied undergraduate learning experiences and documenting student successes in these learning environments.