The Business Diversity Initiative at The University of Akron is committed to creating sound business relationships that strengthen the economic development and viability for diverse owned businesses, while providing a value-added strategy that increases competition to ensure the best overall value for University family and the surrounding community.

Business Diversity Banner

We truly appreciate the benefits that this diversity effort brings to our institution, the businesses we work with, and the communities we serve. Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Innovative strategy development.
  • Increased competition in sourcing decisions.
  • Inclusion in the sourcing process.
  • Provides consumers with the best businesses, materials and services available.
  • Helps meet the unique needs of local communities.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.


Diversity Goals

The continuous goal of our Business Diversity Initiative is to promote a healthy social and economic environment for our organization and our small and diverse business partners.

"The Universe Is Diverse"

Why Does UA Value Business Diversity?

  • We recognize the impact that our Business Diversity Initiative has on the communities we serve.
  • We are building bridges within communities and contributing to the economic growth of entities that, in turn, help us provide excellent products and services to our students, faculty and staff.

Our continuous goal is to have a win-win Business Diversity Initiative within higher education by cultivating a procurement culture, which encourages relationship building with diverse and small owned business and offer opportunities for them to compete and provide goods and services.