Procurement Card Information

The purpose of this program is to provide University employees guidance and direction regarding the proper use of the procurement card. 

Contact Information

Lori Horton, Procurement Card Administrator Ext. 6013
Purchasing Ext 7340
JP Morgan Chase, Customer Service (800)270-7760

  • Procurement Card & Travel Expense Report

    TRAVEL EXPENSE REPORTS - email reports to

    If you need to make an expense recharge to any previous month’s accounts, it will have to be submitted to the Controller’s Office on an Adjusting Journal Entry

    Please review the Controller’s web page for additional information (bottom of page), you may view the web page here.

  • Q & A Travel Policy with Procurement Card

  •  Changes to Procurement Card Policy 

    • All travel expenses are to be paid via the University procurement card (i.e., air fare, hotels, meals, transportation, conference fees). Items where the supplier or vendor does not accept procurement cards as a form of payment, such as incidental miscellaneous trip expenses, may still be submitted for reimbursement. All University employees who travel on behalf of the University who do not currently have travel authorization on their University procurement cards should contact Lori Horton, ext. 6013, or Matt Beaven, ext. 6268, to have this added. University travelers without a University procurement card should complete an application and submit it as soon as possible (please allow at least one month before scheduled travel to obtain a new card).
    • Any expense that falls within the guidelines established in the procurement card manual should be paid using the University procurement card.
    • The University receives a rebate on all University procurement card purchases and this should provide a more efficient process. Employees who receive points, frequent flier miles, etc. when using their personal credit cards for University business may be in violation of the Ohio Ethics laws.

Effective July, 2013, changes will go into effect regarding the use of the University Procurement Card, as per the recommendations above. 

Only business miles as defined by the IRS will be reimbursed, and only if properly documented and approved.  No personal miles should be submitted.  More guidance in this area will be forthcoming.