The University of Akron, as part of the Inter-University Council - Purchasing Group, has entered into an agreement with Bank of America, Merrill Lynch (BAML) to replace JPMorgan Chase as the procurement card (PCard) provider for the University’s PCard Program.  The change is expected to take effect on July 1, 2019.

As part of the changeover to BAML, the University will reevaluate all current active cards to determine if the card is still necessary. Cards that are used infrequently may be terminated after consulting with the cardholder. In addition, departmental cards may be used to reduce the amount of open cards in a department.

Changes to come include:

  • Elimination of declining balance cards
  • Use of departmental cards
  • Reduction in the amount of open cards
  • Training tutorials for the new reconciliation system
  • BAML PCards will be issued in June to replace current JPMorgan Chase cards

Please watch for announcements regarding our transition from JPMorgan Chase to the Bank of America PCard system. Also, please make sure you are keeping/storing your visa receipts in addition to attaching them onto the current PaymentNet system.

If you have any questions, please contact the Purchasing Department at extension 7340 or email

Procurement Card Information (JP Morgan Chase)

The purpose of this program is to provide University employees guidance and direction regarding the proper use of the P-Card.  

Procurement Card Application - This is an online form please complete electronically and submit.  

PaymentNet Website - Save to favorites for future use.

Procurement Card Training Materials

Procurement Card Information for Student Groups

  • Student Law Groups contact Charlie Oldfield or Shannon Aupperle 
  • Student Organization Groups - Student Life - contact Erica Hamner ext 8894.
  • Student Rec & Wellness Groups contact Chris Painter ext 7610.

Contact Information

Lori Horton

Title: Procurement Card Administrator

Phone: 330-972-6013 


Barb Fuller

Title: TE-PCard Assistant

Phone:  330-972-6469


Travel Expense Report Email:

Traci Williams

Title: TE-PCard Assistant

Phone:  330-972-2577


Travel Expense Report Email: