How do I purchase? 

Everyone will have the ability to enter a Requisition based on your department guidelines. Peoplesoft, ESM, and Works will be replaced be replaced by Workday. 

The seven vendors listed are the selected punchout suppliers;

  • Amazon Business
  • B&H Photo, Video, & Audio
  • Brown Enterprise/Staples
  • Grainger
  • Sigma Aldrich 
  • Fisher Scientific
  • VWR Intenational

The Workday Punchout process no longer requires individual P-Card for payment. You do not need to enter any payment information, the University of Akron account is already embedded in system. 

Items not found in Punchout Catalogs must be entered as an Ad-Hoc order outside of the punchout system. Examples of an Ad-Hoc order are: items not listed in punchout catalog's, employees that do not have an on-campus office. 

 Supplier Invoice Request in Workday will replace the Direct Payment Form.

To determine whether, you can use the Supplier Invoice Request refer to the Cap-6 01 Rule here.

Purchases $1,000 and under can automatically be paid using Supplier Invoice Request.

For further information visit the Accounts Payable website.