University of Akron

Travel Management Program

The University of Akron, along with the Inter-University Council of Ohio, has partnered with Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) as the University’s travel management company, to manage travel that is paid for by The University of Akron. 

Christopherson will help university employees, departments, athletic teams, and student organizations have a seamless integration of airline, hotel, charter, and rental itineraries with 24/7/365 access to agent support teams.  

To begin travel plans:

For questions, concerns or policy related issues, reach out to Shelly Keller in the Purchasing Department at

For immediate help, questions or concerns related to travel, email, call 1-888-535-0179, or contact Pam Rex, Account Manager, Client Consulting Services for Christopherson Business Travel, at

Contact Information:

Questions about the UA training sessions, please contact

Questions about your THE-Card, to pay for university travel, or how to reconcile your card, reach out to

Team or group travel, contact Christopherson Business Travel, University Team, Monday - Friday from 8AM to 8PM EST at 1-800-285-3603 (fastest) or email at Form needed: Group Travel Form +9 or More

University Travel individual or group less than 9:  Form needed if small group travel: Intake Form - Group-Same Destination


Board rule on travel revised as part of new University travel management program

At its March 13, 2024 meeting, the University’s Board of Trustees revised the University rule for travel to better complement the new University travel management program. The updated rule authorizes the Office of Finance and Administration to develop and administer a travel policy for all administrative and academic units, which is reflected in the UA Travel Policy Manual. 

The Department of Purchasing will administer the travel management program and will provide advice regarding procurement practices when spending University funds for travel. The most current travel policies can be reviewed in the UA Travel Policy Manual

Quick Q&A:

  • How does my office handle travel arrangements and reimbursements for an interviewee or candidate?

    • Accounts Payable (A/P) is able to reimburse a candidate using the create supplier request and the create supplier invoice request process.   The preference of the A/P Office is to pay electronically – the direct deposit form is found within the new vendor packet.  If the candidate needs a car rental/lodging or airfare – you must use Concur and book for the candidate.                                             

    • Ask your visitor to fill out the Direct Deposit/ACH form (to reimburse a candidate) located in the New Vendor Packet. The Vendor Registration Form and the W-9 form in that packet is not needed.

    • Once you get the ACH form back – Within WorkDay – use the command “Create Supplier Request” – attach the vendor ACH form and indicate in the justification field that you are reimbursing travel to a candidate and that no W9 is needed.

    • Once the supplier is entered (you will be notified in your notification box within Workday) – use the command “Create Supplier Invoice Request” – attach the honorarium form and receipts to request payment (if mileage, MapQuest or directions showing number of miles would be used as supporting documentation.)         

    • For more information or questions please reach out to Becky Getz at

  • Employees will book all travel on their UA provided, THE Card and will no longer use personal cards for reimbursement. 

  • You must register with Concur AirPortal by using your email address, requests with personal emails will be denied.
  • There is tax on my hotel receipt. It is the responsibility of the traveler or arranger to have tax removed from any bookings they place through Concur or thought conference and hotel websites. Email for a copy of the current tax-exempt form.  
  • Allowable exceptions to booking outside of Concur while using your THE Card:
    • Conference reservations can be made through the conference or hotel websites.
    • Online marketplaces used for booking short and long-term homestay experiences.
    • Travel by train. 
  • Do I need written permission from my supervisor before I create a Spend Authorization? The Spend Authorization, once submitted, will travel through an approval process in Workday. Once it is returned to you as approved, you are permitted to start making travel arrangements. 
  • My PCard isn't working for travel. Only your THE Card will be accepted for travel payments. 
  • I'm traveling and there has been an unexpected disruption in my travel plans. If the airline is not already assisting, you should reach out to a Christopherson Dedicated Agent for help to get back to your travel plans. 1-800-285-3603
  • I found rates cheaper on another travel management site. Immediately screenshot and email the trip and rates you found to an online service agent. ( or call 1-888-535-0179) Larger travel management companies can grab bulk trips at cheaper rates. Some airlines charge NDC rates. Your online service agent will help get you the lowest price in Concur. 
  • I am having trouble accessing Concur on my computer. Concur works best by using Edge instead of Chrome.
  • Can I rent directly from the car rental by my house or down the street? All rentals, air, and hotel bookings are to be planned through Concur. The university and IUC rates have been incorporated into AirPortal. You can select the location you would like to pick up and drop off, depending upon availability. 
  • I have arranged my travel for years without any issues.  We are very proud of how fiscally responsible our employees are when booking travel. There are policies and guidelines we need to follow as an institution, the university has implemented an organized program to do that. Using Concur, to book travel, and Workday, for your Spend Authorization Request, will ensure UA policies are followed and data is collected. The university and the international office will be aware and will remain informed during your travel. There are reports that Christopherson supplies the university that reflect how we travel.  This data helps the university to receive discounts by combining our travel data. Concur AirPortal notifies the traveler and the travel administrator, of any alerts, potential delays, or warnings you could encounter while traveling. Christopherson provides 24-hour service, 7 days a week.