Campus sites

  • Accounts Payable - Invoice payment processing and honorariums.
  • Campus Bookstore - The University Bookstore is the exclusive seller of all required, recommended or suggested course materials and supplies including books, textbook rentals and materials published or distributed electronically through our learning management system. Please call ext. 7936 or visit The University Bookstore to order items using the University issued P-Card. (Departments are permitted to purchase other items from the bookstore as a convenience. However, departments should, if possible, utilize applicable existing contracts available to assure the greatest savings).
  • Central Stores - Ordering paper and surplus for non used office goods. 
  • Computer Store - Academically priced computers, hardware, software and peripherals for departments, students and personal use. The computer store offers many great deals. 
  • Controller's Office - Travel Policy and University rules.
  • Printing Services - The Cost per Copy Program, a centralized and efficient copier management compliance program, which provides all equipment, supplies and service to departments.  This will be charged back at a single cost per copy.
  • Promotional Items and T-Shirts - The University of Akron has entered into an agreement with AG Group, Consolidus, and Global Promotions and Incentives for University Promotional Purchases. The companies have trademark registered University logos on file, and are all familiar with the UA brand standards, as well as having artists available to assist with design. If you have questions not addressed in their online stores, you may visit their website.