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Other locations eligible for higher or lower standard meal allowance

Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories - From the Defense Travel Management Office website, choose the "OUTSIDE CONUS, Non-Foreign Overseas" area and exclude military installations. Your total allowance will be the "Local Meals" column AND "Local Incidental" column added together.

International Country listing - From the U.S. Department of State website, use the "M & IE Rate" Column

General Services Administration (GSA) lodging rates - Select Per Diem Rates and then search by city and state.

Calendar 2024 Rates

Mileage Rate 67¢/mile
Standard Per Diem Meal Rate $59/day
Moving mileage rate 21¢/mile
Listing of all state per diem rates Excel

Calendar 2023 Rates

Mileage Rate 65.5¢/mile
Standard Per Diem Meal Rate $59/day
Moving mileage rate 22¢/mile
Listing of all state per diem rates Excel