Effort Reporting and ecrt

The University of Akron has an on-line, web-based effort reporting system called ecrt (Effort Certification and Reporting Technology). This system facilitates the monitoring of effort distributions during the year. 

Effort Certification through ecrt will be undertaken three times per year. Each effort certification cycle is composed of three periods: 

  1. Period of Performance – The term in which effort is expended on sponsored and non-sponsored activities 
  2. Pre-Review Period – Period of review by Effort Coordinators 
  3. Certification Period – Period during which actual certification takes place 

Principal Investigators will have thirty (30) days to certify their own effort as well as their support staff’s effort. Certification schedules are as follows: 

Period of Performance Certification Period
Term Start End Start End
Fall 2013 8/26/13 1/12/14 3/12/14 4/11/14
Spring 2014 1/13/14 5/18/14 7/18/14 8/17/14

Click here to access ecrt 

ecrt training is available for Principal Investigator’s who have sponsored project accounts as well as effort coordinator’s who assist in the management of certification for sponsored project accounts. 

Below are various resources for ecrt:

ecrt Resource Description File
University Policy 3359-11-24 University policy for the certification of effort expended on sponsored project awards administered by the University 3359-11-24
Controller’s procedures Procedures for certifying effort. Effort Reporting
Delegation of PI’s Certification Authority In rare cases when someone other than the PI has suitable means of verifying the work of the project staff, an effort coordinator can print this form, complete it, and send it to SPGA. Delegation Request

For assistance contact your Effort Coordinator or email SPGA at ecrt@uakron.edu