Forms and Information for Faculty/Staff - 

NOTE: Please download or print out the most updated forms to submit. 

Secured Forms Library - To obtain Secured Forms, please log in with your UAnet ID and password.  Current forms included are:  Most recent Tax exempt forms and University W9. 

Direct Payment Form - (Please email for access) - Used for expenditures that do not require processing through the Department of Purchasing.  All Direct Payment Forms are to be sent directly to Accounts Payable. (e.g., memberships, reimbursements, subscriptions, registrations, etc).

Honorarium -  Please review the form and instructions for use on the Controller's website which you may access here. A completed OPERS Form (OPERS is required only if the supplier is an independent contractor.) and W9 is required.

(University Services Agreement is not required for Honorarium).

On-Campus Order Form - (Please email for access) - Used for purchases of goods or services from on campus providers, (e.g., Printing Services, Telecommunications, PFOC, Computer Solutions, Chemical Stores, Dining Services, etc)., and should be sent to the department providing the service.

Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS) Fill-in Form - Mandatory for independent contractors and suppliers whom check box #3 on a W-9 form, as an Individual/sole proprietor or single-member LLC.

Sole Source Justification Form - Proprietary items only available from a single source may be exempted from the competitive bidding requirement.  Departments will be required to complete a "Sole Source Justification Form" for these types of items.  All requests for sole source purchases must be reviewed and approved by the director of purchasing and the office of general counsel.  

University Service Agreements - Agreements for services on campus, OPERS, Vendor Registration, and Contract information.

Vehicle Procurement Form - Authorization Form. 

Worker's Compensation / Certificate of Insurance

If applicable, the supplier entering into an agreement with the University of Akron shall provide proof of General Liability Insurance. If other insurance is required that will protect the supplier from claims, which may arise out of or result from the supplier’s/vendor’s performance or obligations as set forth in the University Service Agreement, The Certificate of Insurance shall name The University of Akron as an additional insured. 

If applicable the supplier must show proof of coverage of a valid Certificate of Workers' Compensation that meets the several requirements of Ohio law. A photocopy of the vendor’s certificate, if located in Ohio, will be sufficient to enable us to verify coverage.(sample)