University Service Agreements

  • Honorarium
    • An Honorarium is used for a one-time payment of $200 or less for a speaker and/or travel expenses for non-university personnel.  A completed OPERS Form (OPERS is required only if you are paying a speaker fee) and W9 (W9 is required only if the vendor has not previously visited campus) is required; a Lecture Agreement is not required.  Please review the form and instructions for use on the Controller's website which you may access here.
  • Instructions for Use of University Service Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Checklist
  • Lecture Agreement
  • Lecture-Performance-Services Agreement(not to exceed $1,500)
  • Performance Agreement
  • Professional Services Agreement
  • Zero Dollar ($0) Lecture Agreement
    • Lecturers who will not be paid to speak are not required to complete a Lecture Agreement. 

  • Zero Dollar ($0) Performance and Professional Services Agreement
    • A performer or a vendor providing services who will not be paid are required to complete a Performance or Professional Services Agreement (the Vendor Disclosure and Independent Contractor Checklist are not required).
  • Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS) Fill-in Form (mandatory for independent contractors, suppliers and/or vendors as well as LLCs who check box #3 on a W9 as an Individual/sole proprietor or single-member LLC)
    • Effective Sept. 28, 2016, The University of Akron is required to follow regulations for Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS).  Regulations require that we have independent contractors (speakers, service payments, officials etc.) sign an Independent Contractor/Worker Acknowledgment form.  This form is to be included each time a University Services Agreement is given to an individual who begins providing personal services to a public employer and is not considered to be a public employee.  The signed form is acknowledgement by that individual that they will not have contributions made to OPERS.  Any questions regarding this form, please call ext. 6559 or ext. 7090.  Once completed, the form must be printed and signed and dated by the independent contractor and sent with other University required paperwork: agreements, W9s, etc.  This form is also listed with the Honorarium Form on the Controller’s website.
  • Vendor Registration Form, ACH Deposit Vendor Authorization & W9
  • Hold Harmless Form
  • Office of General Counsel Contract Information

Certificate of Insurance
If applicable the supplier/vendor entering into an agreement with the University shall provide proof of General Liability Insurance and if required other insurance, which will protect the supplier/vendor from claims which may arise out of or result from the supplier’s/vendor’s performance or obligations as set forth in the University Service Agreement.  The Certificate of Insurance shall name The University of Akron as an additional insured. (sample)

Worker's Compensation
If applicable the supplier/vendor must show proof of coverage of a valid Certificate of Workers' Compensation, which meets the several requirements of Ohio law. A photocopy of the vendor’s certificate (if located in Ohio) will be sufficient to enable us to verify coverage. (sample)