In-state Residency For Tuition Surcharge Purposes


At The University of Akron, a student's residency status is initially determined by the Office of Admissions at the point of application for admission. Once that classification has been made, any student who wants to be reclassified as resident must petition through the Office of the University Registrar. What application materials you must submit depends upon the type of residency that applies to you. Refer to the section on Guidelines or Exceptions for details. Or, to help you determine which type of residency to apply for, refer to the Residency Calculator. If you are not a U.S. citizen, be sure to read the section on Immigration Status and Residency, because your status will affect eligibility for in-state residency.

Students are strongly encouraged to read through the Frequently Asked Questions which further explain residency and procedures. It is a student's responsibility to understand all of the residency guidelines. If a student has questions they should contact the Office of the University Registrar for clarification. All information distributed by the Office of the University Registrar and on this web site should not be considered conclusive or final.

Payment deadlines cannot be waived or extended while a student's residency is being reviewed. Students must make full payment (including non-resident fees) by their appropriate payment due date. Students may apply to be reclassified for any semester, depending upon the type of residency they desire. If denied, students may reapply for another semester.

The completed application and supporting documentation must be received by the Office of the University Registrar at least two weeks prior to the first day of the term in which you are seeking a change in residency status. Residency status is not retroactive and will not be considered for previous semesters.