Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to set up a tent/canopy on the campus for an event. Who do I need to contact for permission?

The University of Akron as well as the State of Ohio have specific requirements for erecting tents and canopies. Please visit this page for detailed information.

Who decides if the University will be closed due to weather, etc., and how will I know if the University is closed?

The University Office of the President determines when the University will close due to inclement weather or other emergency situations.

Visit The University of Akron home page to view closing information, call (330) 972-SNOW (330-972-7669), or visit My Akron to enroll in the Z-Alert emergency text messaging service.

I spilled a Chemical! What do I do now?

Please contact EOHS at 330-972-6866 to report chemical spills.

Who do I contact about getting a space heater?

Space heaters are regulated by the University's Department of Physical Facilities.

Do I have to leave the building every time the fire alarm goes off?

Yes! Please visit In Case of Fire for information on what to do if you discover a fire on the campus.