Police services and programs

Campus Patrol's escort service

Patrol members or police officers escort students to and from campus locations at any hour.

Patrol members are trained by University police and can be identified by their maroon Campus Patrol shirts or blue Campus Patrol jackets. They also carry a police radio.

Arrange for a free campus patrol by calling 330-972-7263.

Security survey of your rental

Call the UA Police Department and request a free security survey of your rental. Our officers will:

  • test the adequacy of your locking system;
  • study all entry points and offer suggestions to improve their security; and
  • offer tips about exterior lighting and other tactics to deter would-be criminals.

To arrange for an audit, call the UAPD at 330-972-5914 (if no answer, please leave a message).

Battery jumps and vehicle lockouts

UAPD provides lockout and battery jump service to the UA community. Campus Patrol is also trained to handle these duties. If you need vehicle assistance, please have the following information ready when you call:

  • the lot number and your location in the lot (i.e. West Campus Parking Deck, High street level)
  • your license plate number
  • make and color of your car and your exact location if you are not with your vehicle

For battery jumps, open your hood if possible to help the patrol locate your vehicle. Lockouts will only be performed for those people presenting proper identification which corresponds with the vehicle registration. Fee: $10.

Locking Systems

Pickup of University of Akron keys can be done 24 hours a day at the University Police Dispatch Center. Master and submaster keys must be picked up at locking systems located in the basement of the Physical Facilities operations center. If you are not sure if your keys are ready, call UAPD at 330-972-2911. If you have received a key slip in campus mail, please pick up your keys promptly. Keys not picked up at dispatch for more than 60 days will be returned to the lockshop and a restocking fee will be assessed. Go to Locking Systems.


The University of Akron Police Department records division is located at Station 1 and is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Reports can be requested for a nominal fee. Contact Records Manager Dena Savage at 330-972-7134 or dsavage@uapd.uakron.edu. Information supplied may be restricted according to public records guidelines and FERPA restrictions.

Campus Patrol

Campus Patrol student-employees perform duties that do not require a sworn officer. Some of these duties include:

  • service calls to vehicles that are out of gas or need a battery jump or lock out;
  • escorting people who do not feel safe walking alone;
  • delivery of important papers to other departments on and off campus;
  • picking up of lost and found items from other departments; and
  • opening and securing buildings, and a host of other miscellaneous duties.

Student assistants to perform these duties so the department can focus police manpower towards emergency or criminal calls. Campus patrol has the ability to alert dispatch by radio of any suspicious activity occurring on campus so that officers can respond to the situation.

Alcohol Awareness/ “Beer Goggle”

This program discusses the law, culture and consequences of consuming alcohol. There also are activities to show the effects of alcohol on motor skills and driving with a tricycle and “beer goggles.” Call 330-972-2911 for details.

Female Self-Defense Course

This program is a modified version of the program P.R.O.T.E.C.T: (Personal Response Option and Tactically Effective Counter Techniques). The program teaches easy to learn techniques for safety. Call 330-972-2911 to request the course.

International New Student Orientation

This program gives international students information about safety on and off campus. The program also explains law enforcement and driving responsibilities. The program also offers a tour of the police department and a two hour female self defense course.

Men’s Awareness Program for Sexual Assault

This program strives to teach men about issues related to consent and the myths and reality of sexual assaults. Call 330-972-2911 for details.

New Employee Orientation

UAPD provides an overview of the department, including services provided and personal safety tips.

Office Safety

This program discusses how to arrange your office to allow for safety, including: how to deescalate an agitated person; how to keep valuables safe; and how to describe a suspicious person. Call 330-972-2911 to arrange.

Operation ID

During the first weeks of school and throughout the school year, UAPD officers provide identification and engraving services for students to secure their valuables. The times and locations are announced in Zipmail.

Pizza with Police

This program is an open forum for students’ faculty and staff to Interact with police. Sessions are announced in Zipmail.

“Reducing the Risk” workshop

This workshop is hosted by University Health Services. UAPD presents a segment on how to reduce workplace violence risks. Call 330-972-2911 to arrange.

Sexual Assault and Awareness Program

This program is included in the alcohol awareness programs. Issues related to consent and acquaintance rape are discussed. Call 330-972-2911 to arrange.

UAPD Safety Programs

These programs give participants an overview of UAPD and safety tips for on and off campus living and personal safety tips, including: how to identify a suspicious person, location and use of campus safety phones and campus escort service. Call 330-972-2911 to arrange.