Locking Systems

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At the core of keeping campus safe is The University of Akron Locking Systems. UA's Locking Systems works hard to implement not only traditional lock-and-key methods of securing campus, but also employs many technology-based locking systems.

Key Policy

If you need a key on campus, you should first familiarize yourself with the University key policy.

Please note the following important points:

  • The department requiring you to have a key should order you the key online.
  • The online key card entry method will be accepted (registered users only).

Access Control - Magnetic Stripe

magnetic stripLocking systems maintains the AC3000 access control system on campus. Access to buildings and offices that are equipped with magnetic stripe readers is provided utilizing a Zip Card. Once a user has been authorized access to a specific area, the user can swipe their Zip Card for access to the area without a key. Additionally, magnetic stripe readers offer higher security as access can be granted or removed without user interaction. Access control is utilized heavily in the residence halls to make sure that only residents are permitted access to the building.

Please remember:

  • Don't loan your Zip Card to others
  • Take care of your card, replacement cards cost $20 at the Zip Card office.
  • Don't place your card near a magnet - checkouts at department stores could scramble your magnetic stripe.

If you lose your card and it is used for access control, notify Locking Systems at ext. 6162 to deactivate your card.

Access Control - Cyberlock

cyberlockWhile access control using magnetic stripe readers is very convenient, it is also very expensive. To help combat the high costs of magnetic stripe readers, Locking Systems also maintains a Videx Cyberlock system. Cyberlock is a key system that uses a battery powered key which communicates with the lock during the time when they are in contact. The user is responsible for "authorizing" their key every 24 hours, so even if the key is not turned in, it can be deactivated. Cyberlock is utilized in restrictive access locations on campus that are generally only open to employees.

Cyberlock hints for employees:

  • Keep the key head free from lint and dirt
  • If your key won't authorize, bring it back to Locking Systems: it just may need cleaning or a new battery

If you lose your cyberkey, notify your supervisor immediately.

Access Control - Biometric

biometricLocking systems also supports biometric readers such as the Handnet Handkey II. This device measures the users hand and requires a pass code to be entered as well. In highly restricted areas, this unit can be used as a standalone security device or be piggybacked on another security device for even higher levels of security. Biometric devices are often used as time clocks.

Access Control - Intrusion Alarms

Locking Systems employees install and maintain all alarm systems on campus. UAPD monitors more than 100 intrusion alarms around campus.

Security Cameras

All cameras and the accompanying equipment are controlled by The University Camera Policy (Rule: 3359-11-25).

All cameras are installed and maintained by Locking Systems.

If your department requires service of cameras please contact Locking Systems paulkan@uakron.edu or ext. 8526.

To request a camera(s) for your department, please complete the form: Request Security Camera.

To request security camera(s) access, please complete the form: Request Security Camera Access.

To request access to security camera footage, please complete the form:  Request for Video Footage.