Text a tip

Text a tip

Text a tip to 274637 (CRIMES) and begin the message with the keyword ZIPTIP.

Answers to your questions

How is my identity kept anonymous when I text a ZipTip?

Messages from cell phone numbers are sent to a secure server where the number is encrypted and assigns an alias. No one will ever know what phone number sent a text message.

Messages from cell phones are sent to a secure server where the number is encrypted and assigned an alias. The alias will be used for two-way correspondence, and the associated phone number is not known by the University or TipSoft.  You may be contacted by the police department for additional information, but the police department will only have the alias information and will not know your identity. The two-way communication permit the police the ability to gather additional details if they are necessary, but permits the tipster to remain anonymous.

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How do I submit a photo?

Send a photo from your phone by including the keyword ZIPTIP in the message body.

To attach a photo to the online form, save the image as a .gif or .jpg. Fill out the online form and when you get to the "Upload a Photo" box, browse for the photo on your computer. Select the photo you want to include and submit the form.


Ways to submit a tip anonymously

Text a tip | Use the app | Call us | Use a web form | Earn rewards for useful tips