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Strategic planning

Comments about our most urgent short-term goals

March 2021

The University Planning Group has posted the feedback it received to its proposed three most urgent short-term goals for UA.

The group is conducting qualitative analysis of the comments with the goal of providing a summary of major themes.

Review of our most urgent short-term goals

February 2021

Since October, when President Gary L. Miller announced that we would restart strategic planning, the University Planning Group has been working to shape the collaborative work completed pre-COVID into two areas: short-term goals and longer-term ambitions.

As the planning group describes in the video below, we are ready for you to review the three short-term goals and offer your feedback.

Your participation is important. We are convinced that we can move the University to where we want to be only if we work together and benefit from our best thinking.

Three most urgent short-term goals

  1. Develop a budget model that incentivizes enrollment growth across the University including those associated with cross-unit collaborations.
  2. Improve course delivery, academic success, student learning, student well-being, and student satisfaction by using lessons learned during the pandemic.
  3. Invest in a single, one-stop professional and continuing education office that consolidates and improves support for all non-credit initiatives.

See also: The Strategic Working Group's planning process, vision and action plan through 2022. Download now.