The University of Akron Strategic Plan

Promises and Aspirations​


Research and Innovation

Promise IV

We promise to nurture research and innovation as the anchor public urban research university in the city of Akron.

We will fulfill our promise by:

  • Revitalizing the Office of Research Administration and the operations of the University of Akron Research
    Foundation, including hiring permanent leadership.
  • Incentivize faculty to secure external support for their research and increase Facilities and Administration
    revenue to the General Fund.
  • Identify and adjust policies and practices that hinder faculty in their scholarly and innovation pursuits.

2022 Progress Highlights

Hired New Leadership:

  • Dr. Suzanne Bausch named Vice President for Research and Business Engagement and Dean of the Graduate School.

Expanded Grant Opportunities:

  • FY22 grant awards increased 38% over FY21.

Increased personnel:

  • The Office of Research Administration expanded to support faculty in pre-award (two new hires) and post-award (one new hire) stages.

Innovation Opportunities:

  • Reintroduced “three-party” agreements with UA, UARF and outside entities to increase efficiency of innovation pursuits.

Foster Entrepreneurship:

  • Expanded entrepreneurship through the I-Corps program to build programs for early entrepreneurs and attract students.

Promises and Aspirations​

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