Three ways it pays to take 15 hours or more per semester


You can take six classes for the price of four

In other words, it's like getting two classes FREE! Taking 18 credit hours a semester costs VIRTUALLY THE SAME as taking 12!*

Credit hours takenCredit hours you pay for
12 credit hours taken 12 credit hours paid for
13 12
14 12
15 12
16 12
17 12
18 12

* What's the cost difference between 12 and 18 credit hours? Slightly higher general student fees.


Save money by graduating on time

You save thousands of dollars in tuition simply by graduating in four years rather than five.

  Time to degree
Total cost of degree
(128 credits)
12 credits per
5+ years $54,181.12 N/A
16 credits per
4 years $40,635.84 $13,545.28
18 credits per
(20 last semester)
3 1/2 years $36,274.54 $17,906.58

Figured are for Ohio resident, undergraduate tuition rate, fall 2015. The price for 12 credit hours is virtually the same as 18 credit hours. The difference? Slightly higher general student fees.


Start your career and earn a paycheck sooner

If you extend your time here by taking fewer than 16 hours per semester, you pay for additional tuition, fees and books, AND you miss out on your first-year salary. Here's how that adds up by discipline:

DisciplineCost of extra year
Humanities & Social Sciences $45,000
Education $47,600
Math & Natural Sciences $50,000
Communication $51,600
Health Sciences $57,000
Business $62,000
Computer Science $66,100
Engineering $69,600

How we arrived at these calculations.

Four ways to finish in time!

Finish on time!
Take summer courses

Summer classes are a great way to get ahead or to tackle a challenging course.

Express to Success

For select classes, we offer a short course followed by credit by exam -- perfect for those with job experience or military training.

College-Level Examination Program

Earn credit for what you already know through CLEP, administered by our on-campus Counseling Center.

STRIVE FOR 30-32 CREDIT HOURS A YEAR: Have a tough semester? Don't worry. Focus on getting 30 to 32 credits in a year, including the summers!  

See the 'Finish in Time' video