Kappa Sigma - ΚΣ 

Chapter Name: Pi Rho

National Founding Location: University of Virginia

National Founding Date: Dec. 10th 1869

Local Founding Date: April 4th 2009

Nickname: Kappa Sig

Symbol: Star and Crecent

Colors: Scarlet White Emerald

National Philanthropy: A greater cause to Military Heroes

High School GPA Requirement: 2.5

College GPA Requirement: Cumulative 2.6

National Website: www.kappasigma.org

Chapter President: Nicholas Smith

Chapter President's Email: njs104@zips.uakron.edu

Twitter: @AkronKappaSigma

Instagram: @kappasigma_akron

Chapter Bio:

Since its founding at the University of Virginia on December 10, 1869, Kappa Sigma has initiated more than 270,000 men on over 300 college campuses throughout the United States and Canada. Last year Kappa Sigma nationally donated more money, and hours to charity then all of sorority life nationally put together. -The oldest Fraternity in the world est. in 1400 in Bologna, Italy Kappa Sigma was founded in the Italian renaissance under the principle of mutual protection. In 1869 it was brought to America where we continue with the ideals of our founders. NOTABLE ALUMNI: Bob Dole (Former US senator and presidential candidate) Ted Turner (media mogul, TNT, TBS, CNN, MGM) Robert Redford (actor, Presidential medal of honor recipient.) Jerry Jones (owner Dallas Cowboys) Jimmy Buffett (musician) Edwin Hubble (Namesake of Hubble Telescope; Discovered that the universe goes beyond the Milky Way galaxy) Lamar Hunt (founder of the American Football League, owner Kansas City Chiefs) Craig Barrett (CEO of Intel) Michael Eskew (CEO of UPS) William Hewlett (Co-founder Hewlett-Packard) Jack Smith (President of General Motors) Alan Mulally (President and CEO Ford Motor Company) Denton Cooley (Performed first heart transplant in United States) Daniel Rudy Ruettiger (Notre Dame football player and inspiration for the movie Rudy) Chris Harrison (Host of The Bachelor) Louis Zamperini (Inspiration for the book and movie Unbroken) ...just to name a few Kappa Sigma thrives on the following four pillars... Fellowship Over 250,000 men have joined and enjoyed and continue to enjoy the unmatched experiences, involvement and lifelong Brotherhood that Kappa Sigma offers. Our brotherhood enjoys going paint balling, tailgating, and supporting both Zips, and Cleveland sports teams. We enjoy interacting with our brothers at Kent, Bowling Green, and Ashland, building the bonds of brotherhood, which can't be broken. Leadership Our chapter offers everyone a chance to sit on committees, and not only be part of our organization, but make it stronger. As a brother we hope to help you develop your time management, organization and communication skills, alongside outside of the classroom learning like welding, and resume building. We also hold a national conference every year, the purpose of which is to hone leadership skills. 2017 Leadership Conference is in New Orleans, LA. Scholarship Grade are as important to us as they are to you, our chapter has a fully developed scholarship plan to help you strive for top of the class. Further, all Kappa Sigma pledges must maintain a certain GPA to be deemed an acceptable member. Kappa Sigma also gives out over $300,000 of scholarship money every year! Service Our chapter is nationally recognized for our service and philanthropic efforts, each year we hold a week-long set of events, the proceeds of which go to various veteran programs

Kappa Sigma