Developing leaders is an important part of the fraternity and sorority experience and our community offers a variety of leadership opportunities to develop and prepare students. One of the top 3 reasons UA students join a fraternity of sorority is to enhance their leadership skills.

Job-related skills that students learn as a result of being a member of a fraternity or sorority are:

• Goal setting and critical thinking

• Public speaking and interview skills

• Time management 

• Conflict resolution and teamwork

• Professionalism

• Managing an executive board/team

• Serving on and chairing committees

• Educating and developing new members

• Managing an annual budget of over $35,000

• Working and networking with alumni

Greek Leadership Program

The Greek Leadership Program is for younger members of the FSL community, specifically geared towards fall new members.  The program was designed to provide up and coming leaders with resources, programming, and experiences to effectively take on leadership positions during their time within their chapter and at the University of Akron.  As a joint program between the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and the PHC and IFC governing councils, the program covers leadership topics of situational leadership, effective communication, leading by example, and leaving a legacy, all of which were tailored specifically to the FSL community. The program’s foundation is servant leadership, group development theory, and transformational leadership.

The Greek Leadership Program meets biweekly for seven weeks during the spring semester. Program participants were selected through an application process.

45th Annual Greek Leadership Awards

Click the link above to view the 2020 Greek Leadership Award winners.