Why join a sorority?

1. A Smaller Community at The University of Akron and Beyond
Coming to college can be overwhelming. Having a network of sisters on campus is a great resource and comfort to many women. After college, you can look forward to having an extensive alumni network across the country. Any major city you move to will have an alumnae group of your chapter. The chapter that you join is a part of you for life.

2. Community Service Opportunities
All NPC sororities have a philanthropy project or foundation for which they raise money. Sororities participate in each other’s events (as well as fraternities’ events) to raise money for these great causes. Apart from fundraising, chapters encourage service by donating time or other resources to their cause. The second night of recruitment is dedicated to philanthropy.

3. Leadership Roles and Role Models
Many of the leaders on UA’s campus are greek. In fact, many of the administrators and faculty are greek as well! One of the reasons for such a presence of greek leadership is that greek organizations are structured so that new members all get mentors. These mentors are older members (called a “Big”) who take one new member (called a “Little”) under their wing. Bigs provide guidance, support, and advice for their Littles.

4. Scholarship and Grade Support
Greeks have a higher GPA on average than non-greek students. Every chapter has a different minimum GPA that members must obtain, and tutoring or counseling is provided for members who are at a grade risk. Most chapters have an entire position on their executive board for scholarship.

5. Fun
Being greek is also a lot of fun! You are by no means limited to just the women in your chapter; being greek is truly a cross-chapter experience. Many events, concerts, skit nights, field days, baseball games, etc. are hosted just for greek college students. As a greek you will always have a full schedule of activities and a chance to meet new people.

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How to Join