Department Benefits

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Besides the opportunity to work hands on in a professional environment…the Department of Student Life and Student Union offers several incentives to its student employees.

Department employees enjoy…

  • Mentor Program. The Department’s Mentor Program is a unique opportunity allowing student assistants to meet with full-time graduate assistant staff weekly. These relationships help build unity within the Department and provide a role model for all employees.
  • Monthly incentives. The “Raving Roo” Program recognizes one student assistant each month for superior work within the Department.
  • Scholarship. As a student employee, apply for the Department of Student Life scholarship. 
  • Experience. Gain professional experience on machinery, office equipment, and a wide variety of specialized databases and programs.
  • Relationships. Make lifelong relationships with fellow student employees and staff members.

Guaranteed, working with the Department of Student Life and Student Union will enhance your Akron Experience and will make you a more marketable candidate in the job market! Don’t hesitate to turn in an application today and start your journey to a fulfilling employment opportunity!

Student Employment Application

Interested in working in the Department of Student Life or Student Union?                             Visit RooConnect to complete your application online