Transfer Step 4 | ADMITTED

1. Watch for Acceptance Packet

You will receive an Acceptance Packet that includes:

  • Enrollment details with helpful student service resources.
  • Information about orientation.

2. Confirm your enrollment and join the UA Community

Submit your $75 confirmation fee here.

  • If you need to defer your enrollment, contact us as soon as possible.
  • Please note: You may defer up to 2 semesters.

3. Review your transfer credit report

  • 1. Log into My Akron with your UANet ID and password.
  • 2. Under the "My Experience" tab, click "Student Center."

  • 3. Under "Academics" select Transfer Credit Report from the dropdown menu.

    graphic depicting where to look for the transfer credit report
  • 4. This graphic is a sample illustration of what the Transfer Credit Report looks like, and how previous coursework transferred to UA.

  • When reviewing your Transfer Credit Report:

    • If the course you took at your former institution has an equivalent course at UA, then a UA course number is listed under Equivalent Course.

    • If the course you took at your former institution is listed as 0000 NOE, this course has been evaluated and has no equivalent course at UA but will transfer as elective credit.

    • If the course you took at your former institution is listed as 9999 TRA, this course has not yet been evaluated and a syllabus would need to be submitted in order to determine if UA has an equivalent course.

    • If the course you took at your former institution is listed with a course number and "GE", this course satisfies a general education requirement, but is not equivalent to a specific UA course.

4. Check your Degree Progress Report (DPR)

  • In My Akron click on My DPR to see how previous coursework has applied to your degree requirements at UA.

    • Please note: This info will be available no later than your scheduled orientation date.

  • Icons you will see in your DPR are below or for help reading your DPR go here.

    red X

    Requirement (RG, RQ, or L) is Not Satisfied

    green check

    Requirement (RG, RQ, or L) is Satisfied

    green check green circle

    Course in course list has been taken

    yellow diamond

    Course in course list is currently registered or has an IP grade


  • You must submit your FINAL transcripts once they are available.
  • If you haven’t already – apply for financial aid.
  • Watch for an email from with your instructions to complete an Online Transfer Orientation.

Pro tip: Once you are admitted, you are automatically qualified for the Provost’s Scholarship for Transfer Students. No additional application is required.

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