Bierce Math Lab: About Us

Bierce Math Lab provides experienced faculty and peer tutors who can help you master the skills needed to succeed in entry-level math classes. Our goal is to help you gain self-mastery and self-confidence in math.

Our Location

Bierce Math Lab is located on the ground floor of Bierce Library in room 69.  When you enter the lab, a student assistant or tutor will greet you and help you prepare for your tutoring session.  You will sign in with your Zip Card.

Math Lab Staff

Bierce Math Lab is staffed with faculty and peer tutors, all of whom have successfully mastered the concepts taught in entry-level math classes here at UA. They can show you multiple ways of becoming skilled with various concepts in math.


Bierce Math Lab is designed to help you understand the challenging concepts of entry-level math classes at UA. As such, you can be assured that the tutors will never do the work for you. They are not permitted to help you with quizzes, projects, or take-home tests.  They will guide you to mastery of the concepts that you are studying in your classes.