Visiting Bierce Math Lab

What can I expect in a math lab session?

Students don’t need an appointment to visit Bierce Math Lab. You will be working with a math tutor who may also be working with other students in similar classes. It helps if you have tried the problems before your session. That way the tutor can help you figure out those areas that are causing you difficulty.

Length of sessions varies according to your needs. Sometimes you only need help with one problem, and other times you may need more time with a tutor to master the concept you are studying. We do suggest that you limit your time in the math lab to one hour per day. That gives you time to practice on your own.

What should I bring to a math lab session?

Bring your textbook! Bierce Math Lab supports a wide variety of courses, and it helps if your tutor can see what you are working on in class.

Bring your notes! This will help your tutor see how your instructor is approaching a particular math concept or problem.

Bring a positive attitude! Math may not be your favorite subject, but your time with a math tutor will go better if you decide you will succeed.

How can I have a successful math lab visit?

First bring everything you need (see the list above).

Try some problems before you visit. This will help you and your tutor pinpoint the areas that are giving you difficulty and allow you to focus specifically on those questions.

It’s very important that you are attending class regularly. Math lab tutoring is designed to support you in your efforts to develop your skills in math, not to take the place of classroom lecture and practice.