Study and Review Sessions

What is a study session?

Study sessions are regularly scheduled meetings with the Learning Assistant where he or she reviews the most recent lecture materials, answers questions, and reviews practice problems. These are group sessions, where you meet with both the LA and your classmates.

When are study sessions held?

Study sessions are usually held twice per week, with each session lasting from 1-1/2 to 2 hours. During the first week of class, the Learning Assistant will set up specific days and times for regular study sessions. Your LA will likely poll your class to find out those times when most students are available. Then, the LA will regularly announce the day, time, and location of your study sessions.

What is a review session?

Review sessions are held two to three days before exams. These sessions are more comprehensive than regular study sessions. The LA will review important content, work on practice problems, and answer questions related to the upcoming exam.

Keys to Successful Study Sessions

  • Bring your notes from class
  • Bring your textbook to work on practice problems
  • Bring questions you have from lectures
  • Bring scrap paper for working on practice problems
  • For science and math classes, make sure you have your calculator
  • Make sure you have reviewed your notes and read the course material. That way, the LA can answer your specific questions and help you and your classmates with the material you don't understand.