Subject Tutoring:  What to expect

What to Expect When Working with a Tutor

The peer tutors of Tutorial Services have all successfully completed the courses they tutor, so they know their subjects well. However, they don’t take the place of your instructor and the in-depth knowledge an instructor presents in the classroom.

Peer tutors are great at filling the gaps where you are struggling with course material. They don’t replace attending class, taking notes, and studying on your own.

Peer tutors can help you make the connections you need for mastering the course material. For that to be successful, you do need to read the course material and try out some problems before meeting with your tutor.

Peer tutors are not permitted to do take-home quizzes or answer your homework problems. They will use examples to demonstrate the material that is challenging for you.

What should I bring when I visit Tutorial Services?

You need to bring the following:

  • Your textbook
  • Your lecture notes
  • Homework
  • Scrap paper
  • Pencil/pen
  • Calculator (if your course includes problems with calculations)

And don’t forget—bring a positive attitude! Help us help you.

What should I expect when I visit Tutorial Services?

If you are visiting Tutorial Services for help with a math course, tutors are available all of the hours Tutorial Services is open. The peer tutors in math have successfully completed the courses they tutor and are CRLA certified. The peer math tutor will answer your questions and help you with practice problems that illustrate the concept that is giving you problems. You won’t need an appointment to work with a math tutor. Just remember that your tutor can’t do your homework problems for you or help you with take-home quizzes.

If you are seeking help in one of the many classes where tutoring is offered, you can expect one-on-one attention from your peer tutor for a one-hour appointment. The tutor can help you master course concepts you find particularly challenging and can suggest study strategies that will help you prepare for exams and quizzes. Your tutor can help you with practice problems. However, your tutor can’t help you with homework problems or take-home quizzes.

How to have a successful visit to Tutorial Services

First bring everything you need (see the list above).

It’s very important that you read the material before you come to meet with your tutor. That gives you both time to get your questions answered.

For tutoring to be effective, you need to be attending class and taking notes. Peer tutors know their material, but they can’t take the place of your instructor. Your instructor is the true expert and provides the foundation you need to succeed.

Have some specific questions when you come. That will allow you and your tutor to use your time most effectively.

Try some problems before you come. That will help the tutor assist you in the areas you are struggling with.