About ZipAssist

ZipAssist serves as a central information hub, intentionally designed to share available resources, and provide support and assistance to help students be successful at The University of Akron.

Contact ZipAssist

Front Desk: 330-972-7272

Email: uazipassist@uakron.edu

Simmons Hall Lobby (map)
The University of Akron
277 E. Buchtel Ave.
Akron, OH 44325-6222


ZipAssist Staff

Alison Doehring
Senior Director, ZipAssist & Student Affairs Development

aer15@uakron.edu | 330-972-6467

Anna Ball
Senior Associate Director

aball@uakron.edu | 330-972-5869

Heather Barhorst
Assistant Director, Student Basic Needs Support

hbarhorst@uakron.edu | 330-972-5867

Kody Meade
Assistant Director

km122@uakron.edu | 330-972-5868

Greg Hustak
Coordinator of Outreach

gkh7@uakron.edu | 330-972-5988

Brittany Coy
Coordinator of Outreach

bcoy@uakron.edu | 330-972-4102

Katie Mosley
Coordinator of Outreach

kmosley2@uakron.edu | 330-972-4752