Zip Card FAQs

Where can I deposit money to my Zip Card?

  • You can deposit by credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express) online by going to the online Zip Card Office at
  • You can deposit by cash at one of the Value Transfer Stations located at:
  • You can deposit by cash or credit card at the Zip Card Offices located in the:

Where can I get a Zip Card?

What should I bring to get my Zip Card?

  • Photo identification (Valid State Identification, Valid Driver’s License) or Birth Certificate or Social Security Card

Note: No hats, bandannas, or etc. may be worn for photos.

What if I lose my Zip Card?

  • If you lose your identification card you must notify the Zip Card Office in person or go to the web site, to suspend the card. Once your card is suspended your funds may not be used by an unauthorized person.

  • A temporary card may be issued to you for a period of 3 days.  If you do not find your current identification card, you must purchase a replacement card from the Zip Card Office before the temporary card expires.  We cannot re-issue a temporary card.  The temporary card must be returned before your current card can be reactivated. A photo ID is required to be issued a temporary card.  Temporary cards will not work for door access.

  • There is a $20.00 cost for a replacement or lost card.  If your temporary card is lost or stolen, the same lost card cost applies. There are no refunds of a lost card fee.

  • The replaced Zip Card becomes your current Zip Card and the old card is permanently deactivated.

  • If you have a lost card and do not report it to the Zip Card Office we cannot be responsible for loss of funds.

What if I find someone's Zip Card?

  • If you find someone's Zip Card please bring or send it to the Simmons Hall Zip Card office (campus mail +4611). We will then notify the Zip Card holder by email.

What if my card is damaged?

  • If your current card is damaged or unreadable through normal use, we will replace it at no cost when the current damaged card is returned.

  • The replaced Zip Card becomes your current Zip Card and the old card is permanently deactivated.

Can I let my friend use my Identification Card?

  • No, your identification card is not transferable to anyone.  You may not loan your card to anyone else to use for any reason.  If you have loaned your identification card to another person to use, the cashier will confiscate it.

What can I use my Zip Card for?

  • Declining Balance Card
  • Dining Plans
  • Print Card
  • Copy Card
  • Access Card
  • Library Card
  • Roo Express
  • MetroZip
  • Bike Share program

Can I use my Zip Card to pay tuition?

  • No, funds from the Zip Card may not be used to pay tuition.

Do the funds in my All-Campus account transfer over to the next semester?

  • Yes, funds in the All-Campus account transfer over to the next semester. Please see our Disclosure Statement for complete information.

Can I withdraw funds from my All-Campus account?

  • No, withdrawals are not permitted unless the cardholder graduates, withdraws or leaves the university.  Proof of withdrawal or dismissal is required.  Please see our Disclosure Statement for complete information.

Where can I use my Zip Card?

  • A list of locations that accept the Zip Card can be found by clicking here or view a map of some off-campus "All Campus" accepting locations here.