Social Sciences

Social Sciences Fundamentals

Students interested in the social sciences have the option to pursue a degree within any one of our social science departments (economics, history, political science, psychology or sociology), a Social Sciences Divisional major, or a degree in one of the increasingly popular PPE or PSP tracks.

A degree in the Philosophy, Political Science and Economics track (PPE) or the Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology track (PSP) trains students in three interrelated and versatile fields of inquiry.

  • Social sciences students learn how to:
    • analyze and interpret written material carefully
    • organize and present ideas and information in a clear and persuasive manner
    • evaluate alternative ideas as well as research problems
    • acquire transferable skills that are valuable in various career paths

Professional Preparation

  • Coursework provides a strong foundation to pursue advanced degrees in a variety of fields, including law and medicine.

Our Faculty

  • are innovative and interactive
  • win teaching awards
  • use multimedia technology to enhance classroom learning
  • are leading experts in their field 

Akron Advantage

Hands-on Research

The Departments of Philosophy, Political Science and Economics offer many opportunities to augment classroom learning with research experiences.

PPE majors may participate in the Oxford University’s summer study-abroad program.

Real-word Experience

Gain practical professional experience through UA's optional cooperative education program. Through co-op, you’ll alternate semesters of work and school while earning a competitive salary. Depending on your professional interest, you might consider a co-op assignment in the legal profession, schools, or government.

Social Sciences Student Organizations 

Interact with other social sciences students and professionals in the field through organizations such as: 

  • Associated Student Government
  • College Democrats
  • College Republicans
  • Economics Club
  • Financial Management Association
  • Philosophy Club
  • Pi Sigma Alpha (political science honorary)
  • Pre-Law Club

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