Online Research Surveys

The University of Akron has a site-wide license for the use of Qualtrics - a powerful online survey and research tool.

You can access Qualtrics by following this link: and using your UAnet ID and password to login.

If you need help accessing this resource, please contact Anthony Serpette

Qualtrics has some excellent online training resources as well at Qualtrics Support

Having trouble identifying and reaching survey participants?  Qualtrics can help with that too. To get started, you'll need to have:

  • N - the number of responses you are is seeking
  • LOI - an estimate of the time it will take the respondents to complete the survey
  • Target - a general description of the audience you are looking to survey
  • The link to your survey

Send this information to - who'll then work with Qualtrics to provide a cost estimate.

Note that the survey tool itself is free to use - the cost for the survey participants goes towards paying them for their time.

Qualtrics has also prepared information (pdf) that may be helpful when presenting your research project plan to IRB.  

Questions?  Contact Anthony Serpette - UA Webteam -