Here you will find a recent sampling of published articles and chapters by BCAS faculty. Publications are updated periodically. Entries are sorted alphabetically by faculty member within each department, current faculty are in bold.

2010      2011

Department of Anthropology and Classical Studies

Shott, M.J. (2011). Human colonization and late Pleistocene Lithic Industries of the Americas. Quaternary International, 230. doi: 10.1016/j.quaint.2010.12.034.

Department of Biology

Sensenig, A., Agnarsson, I., & Blackledge, T. A. (2011). Adult Spiders use tougher silk: ontogenetic changes in web architecture and silk biomechanics in the orb-weaver spider Neoscona arabesca. Journal of Zoology, 285(1), 28-38.

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Salisbury, R.L. (2011). Hydralazine reverses stress-induced elevations in blood pressure, angiotensin II, testosterone, and coronary pathology in a social colony model. ISRN Pathology 2011, Article ID 367280. doi: 10.5402/2011/367280.

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Department of Chemistry

Fields, K. B., Engle, J. T., Sripothongnak, S., Kim, C., Zhang, X. P., & Ziegler, C. J. (2011). Cobalt carbaporphyrin-catalyzed cyclopropanation. Chemical Communications, 47, 749-751.

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Pang, Y., Chen, W., & Xing, Y. (2011). A highly selective pyrophosphate sensor based on ESIPT turn-on in water. Org. Lett., 13(6), 1362-1365.

Ma, J., Du, Z., Xu, J., Chu, Q., & Pang, Y. (2011). Efficient aerobic oxidation of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural to 2,5- Diformylfuran, and synthesis of a fluorescent material. ChemSusChem, 4(1), 51-54.

Zhang, T., Sun, S., Liu, F., Pang, Y., Fan, J., & Peng, X. (2011). Interaction of DNA and a series of aromatic donor- viologen acceptor molecules with and without the presence of CB[8]. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 13(20), 9789-9795.

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Roshinee, C., Geier, G. R. III, & Ziegler, C. J. (2011). Structure and spectroscopic characterization of free base and metal complexes of 5,5-dimethyl-10, 15-bis(pentafluorophenyl)isocorrale. Dalton Trans., 40(17), 4384-4386.

Department of Computer Science

< b>Chan, C.-C., & Tzery, G.-H. (2011). Bit-vector representation of dominance-based approximation space. In J. F. Peters et al. (Eds.) Transactions on Rough Sets, 13(LNCS Vol. 6499), 1-16.

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Duan, Z., & Krasny, R. (2011). An ewald summation based multipole method. Journal of Chemical Physics, 113(9), 3492-3495.

Department of Economics

Myers, S. C. (2011). Assessment of the undergraduate economics major: A national survey. Journal of Economic Education, 42(2), 195-199.

Goel, R., & Nelson, M. (2011). Measures of corruption and determinants of US corruption. Economics of Governance, 12(2), 155-176.

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Rohlin, S. M. (2011). State minimum wage rates and business location: Evidence from a border approach. Journal of Urban Economics, 1(69), 103-117.

Hanson, A., & Rohlin, S. M. (2011). The effect of location based tax incentives on establishment location and employment: Is there a differential impact across industry sectors. Public Finance Review, 2(39), 195-225.

Department of English

Bean, J.P., & Elbow, P. (2011). Free speech and freewriting: A pragmatic perspective. In S. Parks, L. Adler-Kassner, B. Bailie, & C. Caton (Eds.), The best of the independent rhetoric and composition journals 2010. Anderson, SC: Parlor Press.

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Chura, P. J. (2011). "Introduction" to The Harbor by Ernest Poole. Introduction to the first Penguin Classics edition of The Harbor, 2011: ix-xxviii.

Chura, P. J. (2011). Translations: "'To Be' Means to Resist the Absurd," an introduction to Thoreau's Walden by Rolandas Pavilionis. Translated from the Lithuanian language. Lituanus 57(4).

Nunn, H. M. (2011). 'Stepes Towards Heaven Wherein My Forefathers Have Walked': Spirituality, family history, and place in Elizabeth Isham's My Booke of Remembrance. American Notes and Queries, 23, 75-80.

Nunn, H. M. (2011). 'Goeing a broad to gather and worke the flowers': The domestic geography of Elizabeth Isham's Book of Remembrance. In J. Munroe & R. Laroche (Eds.), Dialogue with nature: Ecofeminist approaches to early modernity. New York: Palgrave.

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Department of Geography and Planning

Moore, J. (2011). Economy and society; Geographic views on restructuring and social mediation. In J. Stoltman (Ed.), 21st century geography: A reference handbook (Vol 1) (pp: 387-398). Los Angeles: Sage.

Department of Geology and Environmental Science

Bistacchi, A., Griffith, W. A., Nielsen, S., Smith, S. A. F., Di Toro, G., & Jones, R. (2011). Surface roughness of ancient seismic faults: a combined LIDAR and high resolution photogrammetric analysis of fault trace profiles. Pure and Applied Geophysics. doi: 10.1007/s00024-011-0301-7.

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Department of History

Bouchard, C. (2011). Restructuring sanctity and refiguring saints in early medieval Gaul. In Robert Bell and Karl F. Morrison (Eds.), Experiements in empathy: The middle ages.Belgium: Brepols Publishers.

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Sheng, M. M. (2011). Mao and Chinese elite politics in the 1950s: The Gao Gang Affair revisited. Twentieth Century China, 36(10), 67-96.

Department of Mathematics

Cossey, J. (2011). A Bijection for the Alperin weight conjecture in Sn. Algebras and Representation Theory, 14(2), 391-402.

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Department of Modern Languages

Brougham, R. (2011). La realidad, el arte y la poesía. Confluencia, 26(2), 136 - 142.

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Department of Physics

Paudel, N., Buldum, A., Ohashi, T., & Dai, L. (2011). Modeling and simulation of adhesion between carbon nanotubes and surfaces. Molecular Simulation, 35, 520-524.

Department of Political Science

Coffey, D. J., Miller, W., & Feuerstein, D. (2011). Classroom as reality: Demonstrating campaign effects through live simulation. Journal of Political Science Education, 7(1), 14-33.

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Department of Psychology

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Department of Public Administration and Urban Studies

Ortega, R., Plagens, G., Stephens, P., & Berry-James, R. (2011). Mexican American public sector professionals: Perceptions of affirmative action policies and workplace discrimination. Review of Public Personnel Administration. doi: 10.1177/0734371X11408705.

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Department of Sociology

Asencio, E. K., & Burke, P. J. (2011). Does incarceration change the criminal identity? A synthesis of the labeling and identity theory perspectives on identity change. Sociological Perspectives, 54(2), 163-182.

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Department of Statistics

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