Here you will find a recent sampling of published articles and chapters by BCAS faculty. Publications are updated periodically. Entries are sorted alphabetically by faculty member within each department, current faculty are in bold.

2010      2011

Department of Anthropology and Classical Studies

Timothy Matney. (2010). Material Culture and Identity: Assyrians, Aramaeans, and the Indigenous Peoples of Iron Age Southeastern. In Anatolia, S. Steadman and J. Ross (Eds.) Agency and Identity in the Ancient Near East: New Paths Forward, Approaches to Anthropological Archaeology. London: Equinox.

Timothy Matney. (2010). The Iron Age of Southeastern Anatolia. In S. Steadman and G. McMahon, (Eds.) Oxford Handbook of Anatolian Studies (8000-323 BCE), Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Timothy Matney, G. Aglaze. (2010). Titriş Höyük: The Nature and Context of Third Millennium Urbanism in the Upper Euphrates Basin. In S. Steadman and G. McMahon (Eds.) Oxford Handbook of Anatolian Studies (8000 – 323 BCE), Oxford: Oxford University Press.  

Michael Shott. (2010). Size-dependence in Assemblage Measures: Essentialism, Materialism, and 'SHE' Analysis in Archaeology. American Antiquity, 75:886-906.

Michael Shott. (2010). Stone-tool Demography: Reduction Distributions in North American Paleoindian Tools. In S. Lycett and P. Chauhan (Eds.) New Perspectives on Old Stones: Analytical Approaches to Palaeolithic Technologies, Springer/Kluwer: New York. 

Michael Shott, B. Trail. (2010). Exploring New Approaches to Lithic Analysis: Laser Scanning and Geometric Morphometrics. Lithic Technology, 35:195-220.

Christine M. Thompson. (2010). The Golden Graves of Ancient Vani. Near Eastern Archaeology, Vol. 73 Issue 4, p238-244.

Department of Biology

Currie, S., Bagatto, B., et al. (2010). Metabolism, nitrogen excretion and heat shock proteins in the

central mudminnow, Umbra limi, a facultative air-breathing fish living in a variable environment.

Metabolism, nitrogen excretion and heat shock proteins in thecentral mudminnow, Umbra limi, a facultative air-breathing fish living in a variable environment. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 88:43-58.

Agnarsson, I., Kuntner, M., Coddington, J. & T. A. Blackledge. (2010). Shifting continents, not behaviors: independent colonization of solitary and subsocial Anelosimus spider lineages on Madagascar (Araneae, Theridiidae). Zoologica Scripta, 39(1):75-87.

Lei, K., Cushing B.S., Musatov S., Ogawa S., Kramer K.M. (2010). Estrogen receptor-a in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis regulates social affiliation in male prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster). PLoS One online January 27, 2010.

JC Villarreal, R.J. Duff, C. Cargill, and B. Goffinett. (2010). Phylogenetic delineation of Nothoceros and Megaceros (Anthocerophyta: Dendrocerotaceae). The Bryologist, 113(1): 106-113.

Liu, Q., Y. Chen, D. Copeland, H. Ball, R.J. Duff, B. Rockich, R.L. Londraville. (2010). Expression of leptin receptor gene in developing and adult zebrafish. General and Comparative Endocrinology, 166: 346-355.

Marrs, J.A., and Q. Liu. (2010). Cadherin adhesion functions revealed in zebrafish. In K. Yoshida (Ed.) Molecular and Functional Diversities of Cadherin/Protocadherin, Research Signpost. 

DelPuerto H.L., Martins A.S., Moro L., Milsted A., Alves A, Braz GF, Vasconcelos AC. (2010). Caspase-3/-8/-9/, Bax and Bcl-2 expression in the cerebellum, lymph nodes and leukocytes of dogs naturally infected with canine distemper virus. Genetics and Molecular Research, 9:151-161. 

Milsted A., Underwood A.C., Dunmire J., DelPuerto H.L., Martins A.S., Ely D.L., Turner M.E. (2010). Regulation of multiple renin-angiotensin system genes by Sry. American Journal of Hypertension, 28:59-64.

D’Alba, L., Oborn A., Shawkey M.D. (2010). Experimental evidence that keeping eggs dry is a mechanism for the antimicrobial effects of avian incubation. Naturwissenschaften, Vol. 97 Number 12, p1089-1095.

Eliason, C.M., Shawkey M.D. (2010). Rapid, reversible response of iridescent feather color to ambient humidity. Optics Express, Vol. 18 Issue 20, p21284-21292.

Clarke J.A., Ksepka D., Salas-Gismondi R., Altamirano A.J., Shawkey M.D., D’Alba L., Vinther J., DeVries J.,  Baby P. (2010). Fossil evidence for evolution of the shape and color of penguin feathers. Science, Vol. 330 Number 6006, p954-957.

D’Alba L., Shawkey M.D., Korsten P., Komdeur J. Beissinger S.R. et al. (2010). Differential deposition of antimicrobial proteins in blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) clutches by laying order and male attractiveness. Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology, 64:1037-1045.

Li, Q., Keqin, G., Vinther, J., Shawkey, M.D., Clarke J.A., D’Alba L., Meng, Q., Briggs D.E.G., Prum, R.O. (2010). Plumage color patterns of an extinct non-avian dinosaur. Science, Vol. 327 Number 5971, p1369-1372.  

Weeks, S.C., C. Benvenuto, T. F. Sanderson, and R. Joel Duff. (2010). Sex Chromosome Evolution in the Clam Shrimp, Eulimnadia texana. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 23(5):1100-6. 

Department of Chemistry

Shao, H.; Seifert, J.; Romano, N.C.; Gao, M.; Helmus, J.J.; Jaroniec, C.P.; Modarelli, D.A.; Parquette, J.R. (2010). Amphiphilic Self-Assembly of an n-type Nanotube. Angew. Chem., 49, 7688–7691.

Wang, J.-L.; Chan, Y.-T.; Moorefield, C.N.; Pei, J.; Modarelli, D.A.; Romano, N.C.; Newkome, G.R. (2010). Shape-Persistent, Truxene-Based Nano-Sized Bisterpyridine Ruthenium(II) Complexes: Synthesis and Photophysical Properties. Macromol. Rapid Commun. 31, 850–855.  

Junhong Yao, Yusheng Chen, Yi Pang. (2010). Application of Sonochemistry in the Isomerization of Carbon-Carbon double bond.  J. Polym. Sci. Part A: Polym. Chem., 48, 5254-5257.

Chao Wang, Felix S. Kim, Guoqian Ren, Yongqian Xu, Yi Pang, Samson A. Jenekhe, Li Jia. (2010). Regioregular Poly(3-alkanoylthiophene): Synthesis and Electrochemical, Photophysical, Charge Transport, and Photovoltaic Properties. J. Polym. Sci. A Polym. Chem., 48, 4681-4690.

Knapp, Amanda R.; Panzner, Matthew J.; Medvetz, Doug A.; Wright, Brian D.; Tessier, Claire A.; Youngs, Wiley J. (2010). Synthesis and antimicrobial studies of silver N-heterocyclic carbene complexes bearing a methyl benzoate substituent.   Inorganica Chimica Acta, 364, 125-131. 

Tun, Z.-M.; Panzner, M. J.; Scionti, V.; Medvetz, D. A.; Wesdemiotis, C.; Youngs, W. J.; Tessier, C. A. (2010). Crown ether complexes of HPCl6.  J. Am. Chem. Soc., 132, 17059-17061.  

Ren, X.; Sun, B.; Tsai, C.-C.; Tu, Y.; Leng, S.; Li, K.; Kang, Z.; Van Horn, R.M.; Li, X.; Zhu, M.; Wesdemiotis, C.; Zhang, W.-B.; Cheng, S.Z.D.  (2010). Synthesis, self-assembly, and crystal structure of a shape-persistent polyhedral-oligosilsesquioxane-nanoparticle-tethered perylene diimide. Journal of Phys. Chem. B, 114, 4802-4810 (DOI: 10.1021/jp100126u).

Polce, M.J.; Wesdemiotis, C. (2010). Tandem mass spectrometry and polymer ion dissociation. In MALDI Mass Spectrometry for Synthetic Polymer Analysis, Li, L., Ed.; John Wiley & Sons: Hoboken, New Jersey, Chapter 5, pp. 85-127.

Garanin, E. M.; Tolmachev, Y.V.; Hoover, R.R.; Adas, S.; Bunge, S.D.; Gangoda, M.; Khitrin, A.K.; Woods, S.M.; Malkovskiy, A.; Solak, N.; Wesdemiotis, C. (2010). Stability and ring-shift tautomerization of cyclic anhydrides of benzenehexasulfonic acid. Journal of Organic Chemistry 75, 4860-4863 (DOI: 10.1021/jo1005526).

Sen, M.Y.; Puskas, J.E.; Dabney, D.E.; Wesdemiotis, C.; Absalon, C. (2010). Precision synthesis and characterization of thymine-functionalized polyisobutylene. Journal of Polym. Sci. Part A: Polym. Chem., 48, 3501-3506 (DOI: 10.1002/pola.24058).

Whitson, S.E.; Lattimer, R.P.; Wesdemiotis, C. (2010). Differentiation of polyurethane formulations by direct probe - atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (DP-APCI) mass spectrometry. Rubber Chem. & Techn., 83, 35-41.

Perera, S.; Li, X.; Soler, M.; Schultz, A.; Wesdemiotis, C.; Moorefield, C.N.; Newkome, G.R. (2010). Hexameric terpyridinyl-PdII metallomacrocycles: Assembly with 4,4’-bipyridine and characterization by TWIM-mass spectrometry. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 49, 6539-6544 (DOI: 10.1002/anie.200906198).

Yu, X.-F.; Zhong, S.; Li, X.; Tu, Y.-F.; Yang, S.-G.; Van Horn, R.M.; Ni, C.-Y.; Pochan, D. J.; Quirk, R.P.; Wesdemiotis, C.; Zhang, W.-B.; Cheng, S.Z.-D. (2010). A giant surfactant of polystyrene-(carboxylic acid-functionalized polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane) amphiphile with highly stretched polystyrene tails in micellar assemblies. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 132, 16741-16744 (DOI: 10.1021/ja1078305).

Herrick, R.S.; Ziegler, C.J.; Gambella, A. (2010). Reactions of [Re(CO)3]+ with histidylhistidine and modified histidines. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 3905–3908. 

Department of Computer Science

Konduri, A. and C.-C. Chan. (2010). Predicting similarity of web services using WordNet, Intelligent Soft Computation and Evolving Data Mining: Integrating Advanced Technology, IGI Global publication.

Manik Dhawan, Sudarshan Selvaraja, Zhong-Hui Duan. (2010). Application of Committee kNN Classifiers for Gene Expression Profile Classification. International Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications, Vol. 38, No.1/2/3/, p101-105.

Department of Economics

Michael A. Nelson, Rajeev K. Goel. (2010). Government Fragmentation Versus Fiscal Decentralization and Corruption. Public Choice, DOI: 10,1007/s11127-010-9666-x.

Michael A. Nelson, Rajeev K. Goel. (2010). Causes of Corruption: History, Geography and Government. Journal of Policy Modeling. Vol. 32 Issue 4, p433-447.

Shawn Rohlin, Andrew Hanson. (2010). Do Location-Based Tax Incentives Attract New Business Establishments? Journal of Regional Science, no. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-9787.2010.00704.x.

Shawn Rohlin. (2010). State Minimum Wage Rates and Business Location: Evidence from a Border Approach. Journal of Urban Economics.

Shawn Rohlin, Andrew Hanson. (2010). The Effect of Location Based Tax Incentives on Establishment Location and Employment: Is there a Differential Impact across Industry Sectors. Public Finance Review.

Department of English

Janet Bean, Peter Elbow. (2010). Free Speech and Freewriting: A Pragmatic Perspective. Journal of Teaching Writing, 25.1, p1-23.

Mary Biddinger. (2010). "Confluence," and "Forensics." The Journal, Ohio State University, 34.1, p45-49.

Mary Biddinger. (2010). "A Drapery" and "O Holy Insurgency." Center: A Journal of the Literary Arts, The University of Missouri, MO 9, p63-66.

Mary Biddinger. (2010). "Cooperative Efforts" and "Ode to Your Innocence." Passages North, Northern Michigan University, 31.1, p11-13.

Mary Biddinger. (2010). "Metropolis" and "Prelude to Our Escape." Copper Nickel, The University of Colorado at Denver. 13, p190-193.

J. Thomas Dukes. (2010). "Guys With their Hands in Their Pockets." MUSE, 3.1:9.

James Egan. (2010). Between Worlds: The Rhetorical Universe of Paradise Lost – By William Pallister. Milton Quarterly, Vol. 44 Issue 4, p281-284. 

David Giffels. (2010). LeBron James and the Identity of Place. Wall Street Journal.

David Giffels. (2010). 867-5309: A Love Song. The Independent: Summer Reading Issue.

William H. Thelin. (2010). Nancy Welch. Living Room: Teaching Public Writing in a Privatized World. Reflections: Writing, Service Learning, and Community Literacy, 9.2 p227-230.

William H. Thelin. (2010). Editor's Introduction: Impediments and Hope. Open Words: Access and English Studies, 4.1 p1-4.

Department of Geography and Planning

Donnelly, Shanon. (2010). Land-Use Portfolios and the Management of Private Landholdings in South-Central Indiana. Regional Environmental Change, Vol. 11 Number 1, p97-109.

Falah, G-W. (2010). Forum--The Answer Was “A Brazilian Flag”: The Unfinished Journey of a Diaspora Geographer Living in Ohio. The Arab World Geographer 13 (3-4): 159-166.

Department of Geology and Environmental Science

W.A. Griffith, S. Nielsen, and G. Di Toro, S. E. A. Smith. (2010). Rough faults, distributed weakening, and off-fault deformation. Journal of Geophysical Research, 115, B08409.

Nielsen, S., G. Di Toro, W.A. Griffith. (2010). Friction and roughness of a melting rock surface. Geophysics Journal International, 182: 299–310. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2010.04607.x.

Ingalls, B.R., Lisa E. Park. (2010). Biotic and taphonomic response to lake level fluctuations in the Greater Green Rivier Basin (Eocene), Wyoming. Palaios, v. 25.

Lisa E. Park, Cohen, A.S. (2010). Paleocological response of ostracods to early-Late Pleistocene lake level changes in Lake Malawi, East Africa. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, v. 289.

John M. Senko, D. Bertel, T.J. Quick, W.D. Burgos. (2010). The influence of phototrophic biomass on Fe and S Redox Cycling in an acid mine drainage-impacted system. Mine and Water Environment. doi: 10.1007/s10230-010-0123-3.

David Steer, K. Gray (student), D. McConnell, K. Owens. (2010). Using a student-manipulated model to enhance student learning in a large lecture class. Journal of College Science Teaching, vol. 40 no. 1, 86-95.

Department of History

Baranowski, S. (2010). 'Against human diversity as such': Lebensraum and Genocide in the Third Reich. In Volker Langbehn and Mohammad Salama (Eds.) Colonial (Dis)-Continuities: Race, Holocaust and Postwar Germany. New York: Columbia University Press.

Boisseau, T.J.. (2010). The Woman's World's Fairs (or the Dream of Women Who Work), Chicago 1925-1928. In T.J. Boisseau and Abigail M. Markwyn (Eds.) Gendering the Fair. The University of Illinois Press.

Bouchard, C. (2010). Adhemar of Chabannes; Andreas Capellanus; Burgundy, Kingdom of; Flodoard of Rheims; Orderic Vitalis; Thietmar of Merseburg; and Women in France. In Clifford J. Rogers (Ed.) The Oxford Encyclopedia of Medieval Warfare and Military Technology. Oxford.

Bouchard, C. (2010). The Church in the Middle Ages, 600-1500. In The New Catholic Encyclopedia.

Gregory Wilson. (2010). The City and Public History. Journal of Urban History, Vol. 36 Issue 1, p81-92.

Department of Mathematics

J.P. Cossey and Mark Lewis. (2010). Lifts of partial characters with cyclic defect groups. Journal of the Austrailan Mathematical Society, No. 89, p145-163.

J.P. Cossey, Lewis, M., and Navarro, G. (2010). The number of lifts of a Brauer character with a normal vertex. Journal of Algebra, Vol. 328 Issue 1, p384-387.

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J.Patrick Wilber. (2010). Buckling of Graphene Layers Supported by Rigid Substrates. Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, Vol. 7 Number 11, p2338-2348.

Department of Modern Languages

Brougham, R. (2010). Consuming Mother in Diana Raznovich’s Casa Matriz. Romance Notes.

Maria Adamowicz-Hariasz, Susan Colville-Hall. (2010). Going Global, a Requirement for the 21st Century: How Teacher Candidates and Community Benefit from Teachers Abroad. Ohio Social Studies Review, Vol. 46 Issue 1, p48-55.

Maria Adamowicz-Hariasz. (2010). Le Trauma et le témoignage dans Le Livre d’Emma de Marie Célie Agnant. Symposium, Vol. 64 Issue 3, p149-168.

Parizad Dejbord. (2010). Re-construcciones ekfrásticas del cuerpo femenino en Las musas inquietantes de Cristina Peri Rossi. Bernucci, Leopoldo M. y Williams, Tamara R. Eds. Literatura a ciencia cierta: Homenaje a Cedomil Goic. Newark: Juan de la Cuesta Hispanic Monographs, Dec 2010: 229-246.

S. Sessarego. (2010). On gender and number agreement in the Determiner Phrase: The Afro-Bolivian Spanish case. Sintagma, Number 22, p131-147.

S. Sessarego. (2010). Temporal Concord and Latin American Spanish Dialects: A Genetic Blueprint. Revista Iberoamericana de Lingüística, Number 5, p137-169.

Matthew A. Wyszynski. (2010). Mulier bona dicendi perita? Women and Rhetoric in Don Quixote.  Cervantes, Vol. 30 Issue 2, p79-96.

Matthew A. Wyszynski.  (2010). Torres Naharro’s Rhetorical Skirmish in Comedia Himenea. Neophilologus, Vol. 94 Issue 2, p251-263.

María Alejandra Zanetta. (2010). Redefinición del concepto de género en Estación. Ida y vuelta de Rosa Chacel y La religión del trabajo de Maruja Mallo. Letras Femeninas, Vol. 36 Issue 2 p11-37.

María Alejandra Zanetta. (2010). The concept of sisterhood in Carmenr Martin Gaite y Remedios Varo. In Marian Womack and Jennifer Wood (Eds.) Beyond the Back Room: New Perspectives on Carmen Martin Gaite. Peter Lang, Oxford, p51-79.

Department of Philosophy

Christopher Buford, Anthony Brueckner. (2010). Reply to Baumann on Factivity and Contextualism.  Analysis, Vol. 70, No. 3, pp. 486-489.

John Huss, Shawneeque Callier, Eric Juengst. (2010). GINA and Preemployment Criminal Background Checks. Hastings Center Report, 40(1) p15-19.

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Department of Physics

N. Stojilovic, A. Koncz, L. W. Kohlman, Rongwei Hu, C. Petrovic and S. V. Dordevic. (2010). Normal state charge dynamics of Fe1.06Te0.88S0.14 superconductor probed with infrared spectroscopy. Physical Review B, 81, 174518.

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Department of Political Science

John C. Green. (2010). Activists and Conflict Extension in American Party Politics. American Political Science Review, Vol. 104 Issue 2, p324-346.

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Department of Psychology

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Department of Public Administration and Urban Studies

Miller, W.J., and Beckett, J. (2010). American Bureaucracy. In Ishiyama, J.T., and Breuning, M. (Eds.) 21st Century Political Science: A Reference Handbook, Vol. 2, p.743-751.

Department of Sociology

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