Certificate in Applied Politics

Citizen participation in politics is the backbone of democracy. The men and women who run political campaigns, contact public officials, and debate issues while holding jobs and raising families are critical to the future of the country. The Bliss Institute encourages such grassroots citizenship through the Certificate in Applied Politics.

For more than a decade, the Bliss Institute and the Department of Political Science have been providing students with education in practical politics. Graduates of the applied politics program have secured positions in all areas of government and politics. They are found in posts in both political parties, legislative offices, and consulting firms, as well as in national, state, and local election campaigns.

What are the admission requirements for the Certificate?

Open to graduate and undergraduate students majoring in ANY discipline at The University of Akron, the Certificate in Applied Politics is designed to give students the basic skills to be effective citizens. Students must fill out an application with The Bliss Institute. Contact Dr. Steve Brooks by email at sbrooks@uakron.edu or (330) 972-5182 for more information.

What are the program requirements?

Similar to a minor, students must complete 18 credits consisting of a set of core courses, applied politics electives and an internship. With the assistance of the institute staff, students design their course work and internship to blend with their career interests and academic major.

 Printable Brochure

Students must maintain at least a 3.0 average in the certificate course work.
Core Courses
3700:395/695 Internship
3700:470/570 Campaign Management I
3700:471/571 Campaign Management II
3700:672 Political Influence and Organizations (Graduate Certificate)
In addition to the core courses, undergraduate students must complete nine elective credits; six elective credits are require for graduate studies
Three credits must be from:
3700:402/502 Politics and the Media
3700:440/540 Survey Research Methods
3700:472/572 Campaign Finance
3700:473/573 Voter Contact and Elections
3700:474/574 Political Opinion, Behavior and Electoral Politics
3700:475/575 American Interest Groups
3700:476/576 American Political Parties
3700:630 Seminar in National Politics
3700:614 Ethics and Public Service
7600:450 ST: Political Communication
7600:691 Advanced Communication: Political Communication (Graduate)

Additional credits from above or from approved courses in political science, communication, public administration, or other departments.

Political science majors at both the undergraduate and graduate levels will, upon completion of the program, be awarded a B.A., B.S., or M.A. degree in political science with a Certificate in Applied Politics. Majors in other disciplines will have the Certificate in Applied Politics noted on their transcript.