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Connecting Alumni with the CBA and One Another

After graduation, alumni play significant roles at the College of Business Administration (CBA) – as speakers who share their professional experiences, as Advisory Board members who help ensure our curricula are relevant, and in many other ways.

You likely know you are part of a strong network, but do you know how strong? We have:

  • 435 alumni with executive officer titles like CEO or President
  • 6-month job placement rate for Spring 2012 graduates of 87 percent (national average across all majors is 47 percent)
  • 25,000 alumni (17,000 live right here in Northeast Ohio)

We want you to stay current and involved in the important initiatives and news happening in and around the CBA. With our alumni an involved part of our community, we will only become a stronger school and community of graduates.

Contribute Your Time and Talents

Join other alumni and be a part of the lives of the next generation of CBA graduates by participating in a number of ways:

  • Speak to student organizations and classes as  Professor for a Day. If you would like to share experiences that you wish you knew about when you were a student, be added to the Professor for a Day database by contacting the appropriate Department`s chair or emailing
  • Hire a CBA Graduate or Intern. Contact the CBA Internship Coordinator to assist you in selecting the student who is the best fit for your job or internship opening. More…
  • Connect with the CBA through Social Media!

Give to the CBA

The CBA Alumni Board developed the CBA Alumni Scholarship fund that benefits deserving CBA students. To adequately endow this scholarship, we need the help of many alumni and friends. If you would like to make a contribution to this scholarship fund, or to determine how you can otherwise get more involved with the CBA, contact the alumni association at 330-972-7270,, or give online at (you can note the CBA Alumni Scholarship as the gift designation).

Keep Us Up-To-Date

Please make sure we have your most current contact and career information by completing a brief online form.