Learning Environments at the College of Business Administration

The College of Business Administration (CBA) offers an environment for advancing learning thorough its high-tech classrooms, labs, and centers and institutes equipped with research technologies.

The CBA building is a four-story, 81,000-square-foot structure. It has 19 classrooms, all of which are equipped with state-of-the-art multi-media equipment including ceiling-mounted projectors, computer interface, VCRs, network connectivity, audio systems with overhead speakers, and powered projection screens. Most classrooms are designed amphitheater-style to promote close contact between the class and the professor. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Lecture Hall, the building's largest classroom, seats 135. Facilities for seminars, continuing education programs, faculty meetings, student organization meetings and other special events are provided in the John P. Murphy executive seminar room and adjacent, small-group meeting room.

The CBA building also houses five conference rooms and more than 150 offices, including a suite of offices for the college's student organizations. Advising services for both graduate and undergraduate students are easily accessible on the second (undergraduate) and fourth (graduate) floors. A Study Lounge, open to all CBA students, is housed in the adjoining BCCE Building. The space provides carrels and tables for quiet individual study, as well as two rooms that groups can reserve to collaborate on projects or study together.

Computer Laboratories

The Milton and Henrietta Kushkin Computer Laboratory provides students with almost 250 personal computers and laptops. The laboratory includes three computer teaching laboratories, one of which has distance-learning capabilities. Each teaching lab is equipped with at least 37 personal computers. Students use a homework laboratory, with 79 personal computers, for completing assignments. Students have access to the most popular software packages, as well as networking capabilities and laser printing. In addition, 58 laptop computers are available to be checked out for use in the CBA Building for classes and student assignments.

Sales Laboratory

The Fisher Sales Laboratory is a behavioral laboratory with seven practice lab rooms connected by one-way mirrors to a central monitoring and control room. State-of-the-art audiovisual equipment enables a technician in the control room, or the participants in each lab room, to record the activities that take place in each room. This digital file can then be shown to the participants to provide immediate feedback, which enables significant skill improvement. This facility is a key resource in college programs for training in sales, sales management, negotiation, leadership, and employment interview preparation.

Direct Marketing Institute

The Gary L. and Karen S. Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing is located on the fifth floor of the Polsky Building. Established in Fall 2004, the Taylor Institute is the most sophisticated direct marketing school in the country. It provides multimedia and call center laboratories and well-appointed, technology-enhanced classrooms for students in the college's direct marketing, e-business and e-marketing courses. It also hosts various professional development courses and corporate training programs.

Finance Laboratory

The College's two newest facilities are the Corbin Finance Laboratory and the Suarez Marketing Laboratories. The Corbin Finance Laboratory provides an advanced learning environment that offers students the unique opportunity to pull information from a wide range of sources and presenting it simultaneously on multiple screens. It features five workstations with computer access to Internet financial databases, financial news sources (e.g. CNBC), in-house databases such as COMPUSTAT and CRSP, and slightly delayed trading data. A sixth projector/screen is linked to an instructor's station, and each area has cable TV, VCR and DVD capabilities. There is seating for four at each station, as well as 10 additional seats along the back wall. The lab also features its own wireless node.

Applied Marketing Research Laboratory

The Benjamin and Nancy Suarez Applied Marketing Research Laboratories, located on the fifth floor of the Polsky Building, feature a Cognitive Research Laboratory with state-of-the-art technologies focusing on techniques such as eye tracking and brainwave and physiological analyses; a Marketing Intelligence Laboratory with eight workstations and two teamwork stations where students and faculty can develop comprehensive market intelligence reports; an Experiential Research Laboratory where students and businesses use techniques such as facial coding software to test the effectiveness of various types of advertising; and the Suarez in the Square Classroom, a class space built in an amphitheater format.